Three-Course Menu: the Best Wine Recipes that Will Make Dinner Amazing

Just like for most of us, having guests at home is both fun and a challenge. Of course it’s nice to treat your friends from time to time with tasty homemade food! However, sometimes this can turn out to be quite exhausting… Not knowing what to cook or how to cook it is probably one of the most common concerns people have. With today’s three-course menu ideas you will definitely forget about any worries, though. Let’s get this party started! We think that it would be great to offer you a menu that consists of three meals, all of which are made with wine. So, here’s how it goes:
  1. Piquant Shrimp with wine and beer (appetizer)
Products: 1.2-1.5kg shrimp, frozen 60-70g butter 2tbsp dry seasoning mix 100ml beer 100ml white wine 1tsp red pepper powder shrimps with wine First of all, make clear that the shrimps are semi-frozen for this specific recipe. So, fill a deep pot with salted water and put to boil. After that, add the seafood for about a minute or so. Take the shrimps out and let them drain away from the water. Use a large baking tin to melt one third of the butter inside. When heated, add the shrimps and fry for around 2 min on each side. When they are all ready, add the seasoning and mix well. In the meantime, combine the drinks and pour over the shrimps. Cook at lower heat after you add the red pepper powder. Let it simmer for up to 5 minutes. And the piquant shrimps are ready to stun everyone! Serve this amazing appetizer while still hot.
  1. Veal with red wine (main course)
Products: 1kg veal 225g bacon, cured 4x garlic cloves Red wine, bottle 2x onions 2x carrots Parsley 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil Black pepper Himalayan salt veal with red wine Start by cubing the meat. Be sure to make the cuts deep enough so you can put bacon, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper inside. Stitch” using any kind of spits. Then preheat the EVOO and fry the veal on each side. Take the spits out. Do not throw the cooked grease away! Transfer it to a deeper pot and put the chopped vegetables as well as the wine there. In the end, add the meat to combine everything. Let it cook until the liquid reduces a bit. Cover and steam for about 3 hours cooking at very low heat. If necessary, add more water every now and then. Season with Himalayan salt and black pepper and serve. This simple, but time-taking recipe is definitely worth it as it will most likely make everyone site and glad!
  1. Wine cream (dessert)
Products: 4x eggs 250g sugar 1 pinch of salt 250ml white wine 1x lemon 250ml water 40g flour 1x orange wine cream dessert Cook the eggs, sugar, the salt, wine and ½ tsp of lemon zest using a water bath (optional – on low heat). Meanwhile put the water to boil and add the flour. Take it off the hob and mix with lemon and orange juice. In the end, combine this mixture with the egg one by stirring all the time. Take small bowls, rinse them with water and pour the creamy mixture inside. Let the cream chill at room temperature or in the fridge, then turn it upside down over a plate and garnish with some marmalade and fresh fruits. TIP: In case you don’t want to use orange juice, you can replace it for a cup of rum or brandy. There’s hardly anything to comment after this mouth-watering dessert recipe, isn’t there!? Find all your desirable products on our e-store by category as you click here! Plus, don’t forget to follow our Blog: “The Pink Stuff” Rosé: 4 Things that Make It So Attractive 4 Red Wine Beauty Tricks you Can Do at Home Today (+Bonus: Hair Recipes) 4 Ways to Prepare Chickpeas for the Whole Family


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