The Secrets of White and Dark Chocolate (Content, Healthiness & More)

“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.” Well, when it comes down to chocolate, it turns out to be quite hard to say a bad word about it. Why would this be? Of course it’s because of its amazing taste and the fact that there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy it! If you remember from our previous article, there are three main types of chocolate. Still need a hint? Read about them here! Anyways, no matter the color or the form, chocolate always tastes great. Today we’re focusing on white and dark chocolate in general. So, let’s see which of them has better health features, shall we?
  • White chocolate
This one (although it’s heavenly tasty!) is probably the least nutritive type of all three. That’s because it doesn’t actually contain cocoa. It’s full of cocoa butter, though, which basically derives from the cocoa beans. Then there’s milk, vanilla and sugar. Despite the fact that white chocolate does contain small amounts of cocoa, it’s not exactly enough for it to head the “healthy category”. It’s said that the levels of bioflavonoids, the microelements that are so important for our health, are quite low in white chocolate. On the other hand, the fact that it hardly contains any cocoa and has no caffeine at all makes it perfect for those who avoid energizing products. All in all, white chocolate might not be the best choice in terms of health, but it definitely is super delicious and has a much milder taste than the black version! white chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
In case you really want (or need) to stick to healthier desserts, then choosing dark chocolate is your thing. As you already know, chocolate is thought to be rich in bioflavonoids, like red wine for example. These elements can help your heart function better, but they may also prevent from getting some serious diseases. Luckily, dark chocolate is said to have huge amounts of bioflavonoids, which makes it go on top of the list! Yes, the dark version might be much bitterer, but it’s because of the high cocoa content. The higher the cocoa percentage, the bitterer the chocolate! But also the healthier! In general, the real dark chocolate that has no added sugars, is made of 100% cocoa mass and this is why it’s so good for our health. There are researches, which show that as little as 40g per day are able to reduce your stress hormones significantly. Specialists suggest that we stick to dark chocolate that has 70% (or more) cocoa mass for best results. However, this doesn’t mean that the lower percentage is going to be useless. fine quality chocolate Just take a few chocolate bars each day and you will notice the difference! Grab our Easter kouloura with white chocolate or anything else you like at our Confectionary category!


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