Top 4 Tasty Sauces that Everyone Should Know

What would make a hot, flavorful, ready-to-eat piece of bread ‘staring’ at you on the dinner table taste even better? A sauce to dip, of course! Who says we should all be super strict when it comes to table manners?! OK, imagine a world where we eat steaks just as they are – with no marinade, no nothing. Now picture a typical pasta with no sauce at all. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? Here’s our list of top 4 sauces that everyone should know:
  1. Soy sauce
soy sauce Some people say that “soy sauce is a multi-purpose seasoning”. Plus, it’s also thought to have 10 times the antioxidants than red wine. Well, that’s truly amazing, but you have to use it wisely because of its high salt content.
  1. Bechamel sauce
bechamel sauce No way you haven’t heard of this one! Bechamel is super popular and it’s actually not so difficult to make. The main ingredients are flour, butter and milk. You can also find it as “white sauce”. We have to say it makes a perfect combination with all kinds of veggies as well as with eggs.
  1. Tomato sauce
tomato sauce Classics! What’s not to love about this sauce? It’s all about tomatoes, red peppers, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper. One can almost feel its smell just by reading about it, right?! Of course, it goes well with pizza, pasta, meat and vegetables.
  1. Hollandaise sauce
hollandaise sauce That’s the luxurious type of mayonnaise, so to say. Well, chefs believe hollandaise is quite difficult to prepare because there are some tricky parts. It’s made of yolk and butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The famous eggs Benedict probably wouldn’t have such a glory if it wasn’t for this sauce. However, you can also use it to cook fish, steaks and veggie dishes. As a matter of fact, most of us don’t even notice the sauces presence in the plate. However, they tend to be the final touch of a well-cooked meal. And, let’s be honest here, the good sauce can definitely make a dish taste better than it is! Check out our tomato sauces on the e-store as you click here! In the meantime, read more interesting topics on our Blog: 3 Exotic Chicken Recipes you (probably) haven’t Tried 10 Curious Pizza Facts you (probably) Didn’t know Greek Food: the History behind this Amazing Cuisine


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