All you Need to Know about the 4 Most Popular Types of Wine

We are all on the same page when it comes to wine, aren’t we? Just think about it. Romance, charm, elegance…all this in a single glass. Isn’t this perfection?! As a matter of fact, it isn’t called “Drink of the Gods” for no reason. Last time we prepared a ‘mini lesson’ on how to become a wine expert. Today we’re expanding the knowledge because, let’s be honest, there’s always something new about wine. Keep reading!
  1. White wine
First thing you need to know is that white wine can be produced from white or red grapes. Plus, it’s not exactly white. It has more of a yellowish color actually. This specific nuance comes from the contact between the liquid and the seeds’ membranes, which contain tannins (coloring agents). What’s more, tannins are responsible for the maturing and that’s why white wines usually don’t last as long as red ones. Last but not least, this type of drink can have lots of tastes varying from dry to sweetish. In any case, white wine is perfect for the summer. white wines colors
  1. Red wine
On the other hand, red wine is made only with red grape sorts. Again, it’s the seeds’ outer skin that gives the well-known red color. Of course, it may also come in violet (Cabernet) or brick-colored shades. Plus, did you know it usually matures in oak barrels? No wonder why it tastes so good, huh! And let’s not forget it’s ideal for the cold winter days.
  1. Rose
Contrary to the popular delusion, rose isn’t a blend of white and red grapes. In fact, it’s made from red grapes using the technology for white wine production. This means there’s minimal skins contact (only for a couple of hours) before they’re extracted. So, this is how the beautiful pink color forms.
  1. Champagne
Sparkling wine or champagne as everybody knows it is made from secondary fermentation. Actually, its name comes from the French province of Champagne where you can find some of the most exquisite brands. What about the wine production? Well, an interesting fact is that the grapes are usually harvested earlier when the sugar content is lesser and the acidity – higher. The rest is all professional work we don’t need to deal with. Which type of wine is your favorite? Drop us a note in the comment section! Meanwhile, read more intriguing stuff on our Blog: Is the Mediterranean Diet ranked the Best for 2019? 5 Health Benefits of Red Wine – Part 2 5 Alternative Uses of Coca-Cola – Part 2


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