The Ultimate Guide to Combining Coffee and Food – Part 2

Last time we talked about how important it is to combine coffee with the right food. It turns out the drink doesn’t go well with everything that comes to your mind, right? Check the blog post if you don’t remember. So, let’s see what we can add to the topic, shall we?
  1. Coffee and baked desserts
What would ladyfingers (the biscuits, remember!?) be without a hot flavorful cup of coffee by their side? And what about doughnuts and coffee? Well, these two definitely go hand in hand. Here’s some tips how to enjoy your favorite morning drink with baked sweets: 
  • Cakes – No matter the cake, it’s always a good idea to complement it with an energizing cup of coffee. Classics!
  • Vanilla cheesecakes – Ever heard of Kenyan coffee? Well, we would say its specific taste that combines both sweet and spicy is great for a vanilla cheesecake. The dessert’s creamy structure will definitely balance the sourness from the coffee.
  • Cinnamon desserts – Oh, Greeks just adore these! Exotic coffee sorts that have a slightly piquant taste and chocolate flavor would be a very good company to any cinnamon dessert.
  • Croissants – This beloved buttery, mouth-watering pastry is simply universal! It goes with pretty much any type of coffee, so go ahead and let loose!
  • Muffins – Just like with doughnuts and croissants, muffins can be well combined with all kinds of coffee. What more do you need?!
  • Easter cakes – We can’t help but mention the famous Greek Tsoureki here! These wonderful cakes they make for the holidays are full of raisins and nuts that are an amazing addition to the flavorful coffee.
  1. Coffee and breakfast
Some would say that “life begins after coffee”, which means we should all start the day with the all-time favorite drink, right!? To be honest, there’s hardly anyone who would refuse a fragrant cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But do we know how to combine it with the breakfast meal? Let’s see: 
  • Pancakes – If that’s your kind of breakfast, then you should probably stick to coffee sorts from the Pacific islands. They tend to have a very intense flavor and syrup-like texture.
  • Eggs and bacon – What’s an American breakfast without these two, huh!? Well, there’s something in common between bacon and coffee This combination will make coffee’s smokiness be even more notable.
  • Mushrooms and basil omelet – Many people enjoy such food for breakfast and we won’t disappoint you, guys! You can have a cup of coffee with your omelet, but make sure the beans have a mushroom flavor. Sumatra and New Guinea coffee sorts are great for this purpose.
  • Oat porridge - In case you’re up for a super healthy breakfast, then oats are the perfect choice! What’s more, this food is light and doesn’t make you swell. That’s why a cup of coffee with it won’t do any harm to anybody.
  • Toasts – Whether with butter or with a fruit jam, toasts go so well with medium roasted coffees (medium brown) that you’ll definitely long for more!
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