Walnuts: 5 Health Benefits of this Brain-Boosting Food

You must have noticed how much some foods look like specific body parts, right? A tomato looks like heart, a sliced carrot resembles an eye, celery is for bones, mushrooms are like ears, walnuts are like…. What? Brain, of course! Having so much in common with the human brain, walnuts are usually called “the brain-boosting nuts”. It goes without saying they can be pretty beneficial, huh?! OK, let’s see what else they’ve got:
  1. Strengthen your nails and hair
Walnuts are known to be super rich in biotin (it’s vitamin B7!), which might affect your hair and nails in a positive way. What’s more, vitamin E, that’s also present in the tasty nuts, can give some extra brightness. On top of all, walnuts may prevent from hair loss as well. Hurray!
  1. Protect the skin
Of course, as the nuts are good for hair and nails, they must give something to the skin, right? Walnuts’ consumption can make your skin look younger and healthier. That’s because of the high antioxidant content plus the above-mentioned Vitamin E.
  1. Give energy
Oh, how much we need this one! The lifestyle we all tend to lead today is definitely an ‘energy drainer’. Luckily, walnuts are said to contain most vitamins from the B group, which are responsible namely for the energy supply.
  1. Improves the sperm quality
Do you imagine yourself as a mom- or dad-to-be? Well, if you’re of the male sex, make sure you eat at least a handful of walnuts every day. Specialists say that one of the best things these nuts can give you is “high quality sperm”. Plus, this may prevent you from various bacteria and other pathogens.
  1. Help the motor skills
As walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, this automatically makes them the perfect source for better motor skills. However, always use the nuts in moderate quantities in order to avoid oversaturation. walnuts' benefits Remember: “If you don’t eat fish, include walnuts, broccoli and spinach in your diet to get your dose of omega 3 fatty acids”. Hey, check out our Walnut pie, filled with mouth-watering syrup as you click here!


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