10 Reasons why Tangerines are Great during the Summer

Summer is the time when we all need something to keep cool on and why don’t we start with some tangerines for example? They are so tasty and - let’s not forget – full of vitamin C, D and K. We suggest you read those 10 reasons why tangerines are amazing for the summer days and make your mind:
  1. Tangerines don’t contain nitrates, because these substances are not compatible with the citric acid, which is present in the fruits.
  2. Did you know that the juice from these fruits is known to be diuretic, which is good both for kids and adults?
  3. Tangerines are often a good source against asthma and bronchitis. They contain a lot of synephrine – an alkaloid that’s great against mucus in the lungs.
  4. In case you’re suffering from a terrible cough, don’t worry! Just make sure to drink some tangerine juice.
  5. What these tasty fruits can also help you with is any sort of stomach problems!
  6. Are you aware of the fact that the regular consumption of tangerine juice might get you rid of helminths? These are parasitic worms that sometimes use the human body as a generous host.
  7. If you like the cold tangerine drink during the hot days, this can only bring you positives! The high content of vitamin C is said to help hypovitaminosis, a.k.a. vitamin deficiency.
  8. You’re not feeling hungry? Tangerines are popular for increasing appetite and improving the metabolism.
  9. Thanks to their wonderful characteristics, tangerines can also beat candida – a condition we all face at least once in our lives.
  10. Here’s another thing you probably didn’t know – tangerine juice might quench the thirst in moments with high body temperature.
If reading about tangerine juice already made your mouth water, don’t hesitate to order our fresh, cooling tangerine product as you click here! After that, you may read more on our blog: 10 Kitchen Tips for Those who Love to Cook with Chocolate 4 Greek Breakfasts that are Worth Trying! 10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


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