3 Uncommon Questions about Beer that you Wouldn’t hear Often

Lots of people who love to chill with a glass of beer in one hand are aware of the drink’s specifics like types of beer, taste, etc. But let’s see what you know about the more uncommon stuff! Here’s 3 questions you might or might not have heard concerning gatter /an English word for ‘beer’/:
  1. Where does suds come from?
In case you don’t know, suds is another strange word for beer or, to be exact, for the foam that it usually forms on top. Anyway, to come back to the subject, how does this foam actually appear? So, good thing to know is that the suds formation is a natural process. In order for you to understand it better, we’ll explain how this process works: during the fermentation the yeasts change the maltose in beer as they turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide. When you pour the liquid in a mug/glass, the carbon dioxide is released and that’s where suds come from. beer suds
  1. How to make the perfect foam?
For a perfect ‘performance’ you’ll need cold beer at 6-8°C. If the drink is too cold, there’ll be not enough foam and if it’s too warm, there’ll be too much foam. So, in order for you to make the perfect suds, follow this advice:
  • Make sure your mug is absolutely clean. Any kind of fat would make the beads and the foam disappear in no time. That’s because the grease affects the carbon dioxide’s bubbles.
  • When you’re pouring into the glass, make sure that you’re not touching it from the inside. Here applies the same rule as above, because each fingerprint contains small amounts of fat.
  1. Why clink the glasses?
beer clinking glasses Even if you don’t drink beer or any other alcohol, you must have clunk glasses to say “Cheers!” at least once. But do you know where this ritual originates from? In the Middle Ages people used to clink glasses in order to protect their lives. Strange, huh?! Well, they believed this process will transfer parts of the liquid from one glass to another. This way they would be sure their drink isn’t poisonous. Of course, today you don’t have to spill your beer. It’s enough for you to raise the mug and say “Cheers!” Read more about beer on our Blog and don’t forget to check out our Greek beers on the e-store!


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