2 Easy Dinner Ideas you’ll Fall in Love With!

We all have these moments when we need our privacy and some ‘self-time’ to get all the tension and worrying thoughts out of the mind. However, when it’s supper time, we must make sure we’re with a good company…Because let’s not forget that “dinner is better when we eat together”! Today we offer you 2 quick & easy dinner ideas, so you could get the family together and enjoy the meals. Here we go…
  1. Homemade olive bread
What speaks “Mediterranean” louder than a homemade, whole-wheat olive bread with some rosemary on top?! This recipe is so simple and yet delicious that it’s definitely worth the try. So, what you need is: 500g whole-wheat flour 7g yeast 250ml water 5tbsp white wine 7tbsp extra virgin olive oil 10-15 pitted olives Rosemary 1tsp Himalayan salt olive bread Firstly, mix the flour with the salt and the yeast. Then pour the liquids. Start with the water (warm it up a bit), then the wine and the olive oil. Knead soft dough as you add a little pinch of flour every now and then (just so it doesn’t stick to your hands). Then put it in a deep cookware and cover with stretch foil or a cotton towel. Leave for 1 hour. After the bread doubles its sizes, knead again for 3-4 more minutes and form an ellipse. Grease a baking dish and place it inside. Use your fingers to make little holes where to put the olives. Again, cover with a towel and let it rise for 20-30 min. In the end oil the bread with the rest of the EVOO and sprinkle with rosemary. Bake in preheated oven at 180C° for no more than half an hour.
  1. Bean & rice croquettes
This recipe is ideal for those of you who don’t enjoy eating meat. They’re super nutritious and (of course!) super tasty! Make sure you have: 1cup of beans 1cup of rice Onion 1-2x carrots (optional) Mint, turmeric Salt, black pepper Parsley 50g flour 1x egg croqettes Boil the rice and the beans. Meanwhile, stew the chopped carrots and onion in some olive oil. When the legumes are ready, mix with the veggies and the spices. Make sure the mixture is homogenous and let it stay for 30 minutes. After that form the croquettes with wet hands. Dip in the flour, then in the whisked egg and fry. If you wanna make the healthy version, bake at 180C° for 15 min instead of frying. We bet both recipes will fit perfectly at your table, so bon appetite! Did you like this article? Don’t forget to share it with friends!


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