Milk Thistle: Much More than Just a Liver Healer

You’ve probably stumbled upon it hundreds or even thousands of times, especially if you are a mountain person, and yet never knew how powerful it is. Milk thistle, a.k.a. silybum (comes from Silybum marianum), is actually a very famous herb that’s popular with its natural healing effects. What makes silybum so good for us is the fact it contains the bombastic antioxidant silymarin. A number of lab results show that this element is able to stimulate liver regeneration. How it does it? Well, silymarin is able to help protein synthesis within the liver cells (hepatocytes). Without further ado, let’s see what makes milk thistle much more than just a liver healer!
  1. Stimulates the immune system
Sadly, the unhealthy lifestyle we tend to have nowadays gives life to the unwelcome free radicals. Thus, our bodies go through a powerful oxidative stress that can definitely ruin our immune system. Silybum’s antioxidant properties might be effective protectors as they are able to neutralize a huge part of the free radicals. What’s more, milk thistle can also stimulate the formation of white blood cells, which play an important role for the immune system.
  1. Acts as an antidote
Well, don’t think that it will bring you back to life, if you’ve been bitten by a snake, though! Truth is, silybum is popular as one of the few natural sources that act as an antidote when it comes to Amanita mushroom poisoning. In case you don’t know, people use to call these mushrooms ‘the death cap’ as they’re super poisonous. Scientific data proves that milk thistle is actually able to neutralize the deadly toxins of Amanita within a few minutes! If you take silybum extract no more than 24 hours after you’ve consumed such mushrooms, the risk of life-threatening liver damages is much less. amanita mushroom
  1. Controls type 2 Diabetes
Diabetic patients can benefit a lot, if they start drinking milk thistle tea on a daily basis. According medical researches a 6-month usage of the herb can help you get control over the blood sugar levels. The powerful antioxidant properties of silymarin are also associated with the successful prevention of diabetes’ side effects like diabetic nephropathy or peripheral neuropathy. Do you have any experience with the magical milk thistle? Drop us a comment down below so we can discuss! In the meantime, check our food & drinks on our website and choose something you like! 4 Anti-Stress Herbs you Can Find on the Market 6 Skin & Hair Benefits of Aloe Vera All you Need to Know about St. John’s Wort (+A Curative Recipe)


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