The “Liquid Gold” – 3 Facts you (probably) Don’t Know

“Once you get involved with olive oil I think it starts circulating in your veins.” You know what we’re talking about, right?! It’s the “liquid gold”, of course! Extra virgin olive oil is so universal… it can be a beauty source, a medicine, a dietary and culinary delicacy. And luckily, today it’s part of almost every family’s table! Let’s see 3 things you probably didn’t know about “the liquid gold”. Keep reading!
  1. It’s all about the Med climate!
Olives and their oil must definitely give some credit to the Greek Mediterranean climate. Hey, did you know that 30% of world’s olive oil comes from Greek islands? Plus, let’s appreciate for a moment the island of Crete - the biggest and most popular of the Greek islands! According to archeologists, it’s a main EVOO ‘producer’ ever since the early Minoan civilization /which was 4200 years ago!/
  1. How about some harvesting?
There are thousands of olive oil types and each of them has a specific taste and biological properties. Again, Cretan people are popular for harvesting the olives while they are still green. After all, that’s what defines the stunning color of the olive oil, together with its exquisite taste and very high-quality.
  1. How many olive types can you name?!
OK, we bet you’re gonna struggle here! Specialists say the best sorts are Manaki, Koroneiki and Tsounati. What they also claim is that the latter give out the best EVOO ever. This is a “wild” type of olive as it grows very high in the mountains. That’s why it tastes truly amazing! An interesting fact is that Tsounati is also popular as an eternal tree. The oldest one from this kind is 5 000 years old and its location is namely Crete. Another asset is that the soil where it grows contains polyphenols and minerals, which are extremely important for our health. oldest olive tree Don’t forget to check out our 100% natural Olive oil products by category as you click here! Green vs. Black olives – 3 Common Differences


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