2 Filo Pastry recipes you Can Cook at home Today

Are you craving for something so tasty that your family will gather together just by the smell of it coming out of the oven? If you’re too busy (like we all are!) to make hard-to-cook desserts, then these two are just for you!
  1. Greek syrup cake Portokalopita
Greek portokalopita For the base: 400g filo pastry 4x eggs 1cup sugar 10g baking powder 1cup olive oil 1x vanilla packet 1cup yoghurt Orange zest (from 3 oranges) For the syrup: 2,5cups water 2cups sugar ½ cup orange juice 2 pieces of orange zest This type of dessert is best when it’s done with dried or crumbly filo pastry. That’s what you should do: leave 2 filo pastry sheets in the packet (not to get dry) and get the rest out of the package for about 30 minutes in order for them to become crumbly. Preheat the oven at 180C°, oil a large baking tin and place the two filo pastry sheets from the packet one over the other. Beat the eggs with the sugar until you make a thick cream. Then add the olive oil, the grated orange zest, the vanilla, the yoghurt and the baking powder. Pound up the dried filo pastry sheets with hands and put them to this mixture. Stir until well combined and pour into the baking dish. On top place some slices of orange zest. Bake this Greek sweet for around half an hour until it becomes golden-brown. Meanwhile, let’s make the syrup! Boil the water with the orange juice and the sugar. After the water starts really bubbling up, cook for 15 minutes. Wait for the ready dessert to cool and then pour the hot syrup over the whole sweet. Let it absorb all the sweetness before you cut it into pieces. And don’t forget to serve it with a ball of ice cream! Bon appetite! Portokalopita with ice cream ball
  1. Fantastic filo pastry dessert
Products: 400g filo pastry 100g poppy-seed 100g walnuts, crushed 3x apples, cinnamon + sugar 200g sugar 250ml thick cream For the cream: 150ml thick cream 1x egg Grate the apples (do not press them out) and mix with the crushed walnuts, the cinnamon, sugar, some poppy-seed and thick cream. Grease a cake pan and place 2 filo pastry sheets on the bottom. Cover them with 1-2tbsp of thick cream, then sprinkle with some sugar and walnuts. After that repeat – 2 sheets, cream and sugar. This time add some poppy-seed as well followed by another two filo pastry sheets, thick cream, sugar and the grated apples’ mixture. Do this procedure until you don’t have any more filo pastry left. In the end whisk the cream with the egg and pour on top of the dessert. Preheat the oven at 200C° and bake the dessert for 45min. So tasty! What do you think of these? Which one would you prefer to try? Don’t forget to buy our Greek filo pastry sheets as you click here! What is Greek Fava? (+ an Easy Recipe for you to Enjoy it) How to Make Hazelnut Macarons with Chocolate Crème like a Real Chef


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