5 Health Benefits of Red Wine – Part 2

"Wine has been a part of civilized life for some seven thousand years. It is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul and spirit of man and at the same time stimulates the mind..." These wise words come from a man called Robert Mondavi – a famous figure in the wine industry. We have to admit there’s a lot of truth in what he claimed about wine, right?! In our previous post about red wine we discussed some of the most popular health benefits of drinking it. Click here if you’ve missed it. So, let’s see what we can add to this topic, shall we?
  1. Strengthens the bones
There’s some research which covers the effects red wine has on our bone structure and the results are quite hopeful. It turns out regular (but moderate!) consumption of red wine might protect women’s bones during menopause. We all know this time period is delicate when it comes to health.
  1. Beats the flu
True! Resveratrol – the main component present in wine – is a super antioxidant that stops viruses from spreading throughout the body. According to a Spanish research people who drink a glass or two every day get sick very rarely compared to those who don’t.
  1. Delays Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
As the causes of these neurological diseases are not quite clear yet, there’s been some information they may be due to senile plaques in the brain. Scientific data shows that resveratrol is able to avert the plaque formations, which means less risk of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Great, huh?! red wine for brain functioning
  1. Promotes healthy heart
We have to thank resveratrol again! Together with the other healthy components in red wine, resveratrol is said to increase the HDL cholesterol levels, a.k.a. the ‘good’ cholesterol. Of course, this way you should have a well-functioning heart. Hurray!
  1. Soothes back pain
Some researches claim that the antioxidant effects of resveratrol can sooth the terrible back pain most of us have. This active compound might slow down the degenerative processes of the intervertebral disks and thus it can prevent from discal hernia and other painful conditions. After all this said, you should be pretty sure wine has a lot to give you except delight for the senses. However, don’t forget “life is too short to drink bad wine”, so go ahead and make your choice now! wine a little Check out our wine selection as you click here. Oat Flakes: 4 Reasons why they Make a Great Breakfast 4 Reasons to Start Drinking Water more Often (Part 2)


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