Adopting a Chios Mastiha Tree, or how to Be truly Useful for the Planet

It’s not a promotion, it’s not a trick, it’s the actual truth! This is your chance to contribute to our planet Earth – simply by adopting a Chios Mastiha tree. Not only are you going to do some good, but you will also benefit from it. How cool can that be?! Keep reading to find out more about this interesting initiative! It turns out some quick-witted Greeks once came up with the idea of developing a project that has to do with adoption of trees. On one hand, this undertaking can help the local population of Chios Island earn their living. On the other hand, this would help maintaining the production of mastiha tree’s resin. Probably now is the right time for us to say: if you are wondering what this tree is all about and what resin we are talking about, be sure to check our previous article out! You can find it easily by clicking here. So, this project is so well made that the results won’t be late at all! People from all around the world are already giving their contribution with just a couple of mouse clicks! Did you know that the Island of Chios is holding around 2 million trees that could give about 160 tons of mastiha each year? In case you are good with maths, you can probably imagine how beneficial it would be, if we all give a little something to this cause. Why adopting a Chios Mastiha tree, after all? Well, here’s a few reasons that might help you make your mind:
  • From 2014 on Mastiha tree and the natural process of production of mastiha drops is under the protection of UNESCO. chios mastiha drops
  • Greek islands deserve attention and Chios Island is one of those! It is a place, the whole history of which is connected with growing Chios Mastiha trees and producing mastiha drops.
  • By adopting a tree of this sort, you are doing a very nice gesture to the Mother Nature. This way you are helping the planet to maintain the bio balance that it needs in order for it to survive!
  • You, as an adopter of a specific tree, get the chance to give it a certain name of your wish. The Mastiha tree then gets a name-plate that you personally have chosen!
  • Did you also know that you are getting an email every time your tree has been taken care of? Oh yes, you do! How convenient, huh? harvesting chios mastiha
  • Of course, we cannot go without a material benefit as well! When you decide to adopt a tree in Chios Island, you then get a regular shipment with 50g mastiha from your very own tree.
If you still haven’t sensed the amazing flavor of mastiha drops, you should definitely do this soon. It’s absolutely worth it! How to adopt a Chios Mastiha tree? Just google it and you will get more info about that! In case this is not for you, you can always grab a package of Mastiha drops by clicking here!


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