Smoothies & Health: How Good are Fruit & Vegetable Juices?

“In life, much like smoothies, you get out what you put in.” And what you put in a smoothie or a fresh juice depends on you! You probably know that fruits and vegetables are foods with high nutritional value and lots of them are considered as energy boosters. So, it’s really important that we eat enough of these products. However, this turns out to be a real challenge especially nowadays with all the other things we’ve got to do. If you want to make sure you get a ‘vitamin bomb’ that combines the properties of more than one fruit or vegetable, you can make yourself a smoothie. Or a fresh fruit juice! So, how exactly healthy are fruit & vegetable juices and which ones are better? Let’s find out! First of all, clearly both fruits and veggies can be beneficial for your health. That’s because they are all full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, simple sugars, water, energy and lots of others. However, some say that fruit juices might be better for the digestive tracts. Let’s not forget that human digestive system is only 12 times longer than the spine, while with animals it’s more like 30 times. Probably that’s the reason why our stomach is able to absorb the fruit fibers easier than vegetable ones. Plus, fruits are also known to increase the peristalsis. You may have noticed that kids tend to eat all their fruits long before they touch the veggies. Is this by accident? We don’t think so! On the other hand, vegetables are said to contain more minerals, chlorophyll and amino acids than fruits. These are, as you might know, quite important for our whole functioning and wellbeing in general. benefits of juicing So, back to the main point – smoothies! There’s hardly anyone today who’s not aware of what smoothies or fresh juices are. We might thank for this to people like Norman Walker, Herbert Shelton and others who suggested that juicing may help us live better. In case you often feel tired or have issues with your gut, fruit and vegetable juices are for you! When squeezed, the cellulose goes away while everything else gets to you in liquid form. This way the juice or the smoothie supplies your body with a concentrated dose of energy. Think about it! One would consider 1-2 carrots as enough if he/she eats the veggie, but the same person can have more than 6 carrots at a time. Just by making a smoothie! Some successfully cured cancer patients are the proof that this can actually work. carrot smoothie Remember: fresh juices and smoothies are a wonderful food for your brain, nerves and glands. Not only can they cleanse the body, but they might also reconstruct your body structure (bone, muscle and connective tissues). Always listen to your body, because it knows what you need! For an easy access to some of the best fruit and vegetable combinations, click here! Fresh or Frozen Vegetables – That’s the Question Hydration during Sickness – Why is it so Important? 6 Health Conditions that Beetroot might Help you with – Part 2


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