Which of these 3 FAQs about Wine Are you Curious about?

Oh, wine! Who says you are only suitable for the winter?! Let’s not forget that this divine beverage can be healthy as hell. Don’t you remember the fact that the Mediterranean diet allows drinking red wine? Check it out here, guys! So, it’s Friday night and what else can we talk about?! Wine (of course!) is one of the most popular types of drink in the whole world. However, there are still quite a few questions people usually ask. Let’s see which of these you can guess. Keep reading!
  1. What are sulfites?
Well, that’s a good one! Sulfites, those tiny little wine’s friends, are what actually sulfur dioxide is - the preservative. They are present in all kinds of wine, no matter if you’re drinking white or red one. They are there! Plus, they are the result of the natural fermentation, prevent from oxidation and can help eliminate bacteria inside the bottle. Hurray!
  1. How it’s made?
Typical question! Most of you adore having a glass of wine in front of the TV, but don’t actually know a thing about its making. Well, without getting into details here, wine basically comes from smashed grapes, which later release sugars. Here comes the fermentation process. During that time those sugars turn into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Then the specialists do their magic trick and turn this liquid into the all-time-favorite drink. Seriously, do you need to know more?! wine production
  1. How many calories does wine have?
Oh, you don’t wanna know! Drinking wine regularly can lead to a lot of weight problems…Just kidding, guys! The truth is, wine isn’t so much of a calorie drink. What you need to know here is that wine is said to contain NO fat or cholesterol. What’s more, there are sorts known as “light wines”. All in all, a single glass can give you approximately between 80 and 100 calories. If you are a fan of wine and you can’t help but ask something we didn’t answer, now’s the time! Drop us a comment, guys! Meanwhile, read more on our Blog: 5 Things that Make Mussels a Healthy Food Check out These 10 Impressive Milk Facts!


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