5 “For” & “Against” Facts about Veganism – Part 1

You can probably hear some of your vegan friends say something like “because it’s a powerful step we can take in making this world a more peaceful place” or “I’m being the change I wish to see in the world”. That’s because there’s a whole philosophy behind the idea of veganism. Remember what we talked about vegetarianism? Well, it’s pretty much the same here. So, what do those who are “for” say?
  1. It’s a common belief that being vegan can lead to low cholesterol levels. You know how destructive these can be, right? A research shows that diabetic patients that are on a no-meat, no-dairy diet maintain 21% lower cholesterol than others. That’s definitely a good thing.
  2. If dogs are man’s best friends, then veganism is animals’ best friend! As we already said, that’s a philosophical approach towards life and living creatures. As people exclude meat and dairy from their menu, they believe they do no harm to the nature itself. Cool!
  3. However strange it may seem to you, vegan diet is actually quite nutritious. That’s because people give prominence to fruits and veggies and thus increase the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that go inside the body.
veganism How about the ones that are “against”?
  1. There’s some proof that vegans don’t have enough of the vitamin B12, which is very, very important! Yes, they take it through some foods like tofu, soy milk and grains, but its levels usually still remain low.
  2. The contra arguments are that giving up on dairy and meat can be quite shocking for the organism. What’s more, don’t forget that vegans don’t just change what they eat, they also change what they wear and what they use as cosmetics!
Whatever you choose to eat, remember that it should make you feel good! Besides that, it’s all a matter of choice! Hey, did you like this article? Expect more on the topic in the future! Meanwhile, browse our Vegan products on our Food categories as you click here!


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