3 Offbeat Ways to Dye your Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are the universal sign of this wonderful holiday and, by the way, the tradition dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia. Today more and more people are trying to skip the fun part and buy dyed eggs directly from the store. OK, we appreciate the effort, but let’s admit it – self-decorating is much more entertaining. Fortunately, there are thousands of ways you can make your eggs look fantastic. Hey, you can always get some more info from our previous ‘how-to-dye’ guide here! Here are today’s 3 offbeat ways to dye your Easter eggs:
  1. Sprinkles
So, the most important part here is to buy those little colorful dots people use to call ‘sprinkles’. You can also use some tiny pearls or colored sugar for decoration. Whatever you choose, put it in a bowl. Meanwhile, use a drawing brush to spread glue all over the egg and then “dip” inside the sprinkle bowl. Push it well on one side, after which take a spoon (for help) and do the same thing on the other side. sprinkled eggs Remember: Those eggs are only for decoration! You shouldn’t eat them because of the glue that we used.
  1. Necktie eggs
Again, make sure to have the main hero at hand, which is (of course) a necktie! Before you start, though, you better check the label as you’ll need a silk one. Of course, if you don’t have a silk necktie, you can also rely on any other silk fabric like scarves, shirts or whatever. First of all, cut the necktie through the sewing and stretch it up. Place the egg in the middle and tighten. The tighter the contact between the fabric and the egg, the more intense the stamp will be! Then tie together with something (a cord, for example). Okay, so far so well. necktie eggs Put the egg over the hob with some water. Add ¼ teacup of vinegar and let it boil. After 20 minutes place the eggs on a towel and let them cool down and dry. After that you can remove the fabric to see the results.
  1. Water colored eggs
Quick and easy-peasy! You may use some water colors here. After you color your eggs, don’t wait for the surface to dry entirely. Instead, you can grab the pencil (or whatever you feel like) and start creating your masterpiece. The results: richer and softer lines with extremely beautiful details. Let the eggs dry and voila! You have your truly unique homemade water colored eggs! water colored eggs Which of those 3 choices would like you to try? Drop us a comment down below!


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