Lent and Foods: What you Can Eat (or Drink) during That Period?

We’re back to the Easter topic, of course. So, if you’re a fan of our blog (don’t say otherwise!), then you probably know a lot of things about Easter traditions and beliefs. However, there’s always more to learn! That’s why today we offer you a synthesized version of what foods and drinks are allowed during the lent. Keep reading!
  • Fish and Wine
Those two just go together, right?! Well, fish and wine have always been placed at (or around) the TOP position when it comes to delicacies. Now it’s time for things to change a bit, though. At least for a while…So, according to people’s beliefs we can afford to eat fish only twice during the whole lent. That’s on the Annunciation and on Palm Sunday. By the way, if you missed this kind of information in our previous blog post, check it out here! On the other hand, what should we say about wine? Well, you may drink some only on the weekends and in moderate proportions. Of course, during the first week of lent and during the Holy week one should stay away from the glass.
  • Water and other drinks
Even if you didn’t expect to read about water on an Easter topic, you have to take a look at what we have to say! First of all, you must be aware of the fact that water is an absolute ‘must’ not only during the lent, but yearly, right? If you didn’t know this, please write it down and remind yourself from time to time, okay?! So, when it comes to the Easter fasts, we suggest you increase the water intake to 2-3 liters per day. After lent ends, you can always gradually turn back to the normal consumption. water consumption During this time of the year our body usually has desperate needs for vitamins and minerals. For that very reason you can stick to the helpful teas like green tea, rose hip tea or any other you like. Plus, it’s the best way to boost your immune system and have a little rest in the afternoon, isn’t it?
  • Sweets
We’re pretty sure you are curious about this one… Well, there’s some good news, after all! During lent people can afford to eat desserts, which is fantastic, but (don’t get too excited yet) there’s a trick, though. The sweets you choose shouldn’t contain any animal products. Otherwise, you can eat things like halva, honey, fruit jams, dried fruits and all kinds of other tempting foods. Did you find this article useful? Don’t forget to share some tips on how to improve our blog in the comments! Easter Eggs on the Table: 4 Creative To-Do Ideas 3 Q&A about Roe Spread (+ an Easy Recipe) 5 Ways in Which Lemon Juice can Improve your Health


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