Greek Easter: 5 of the Most Important Holiday Traditions in Greece

“Καλή Ανάσταση!” That’s how Greeks tend to greet each other when one of the most awaited holidays knocks on the door. We’re talking about Easter, of course, or as they use to call it “Πάσχα”. In fact, this day is considered to be the brightest Christian holiday and it’s definitely not associated with “light” for no reason! In this article you’re about to learn 5 things that make Greek Easter so bright and special. Keep reading!
  1. Πάσχα
Did we mention that Greeks believe this is the most important Christian holiday? Of course we did! Whether it’s due to the warmer and warmer days that bring along the shining sun and lots of flowers, or it’s about the traditions, we can only guess. The truth is, though, that Easter really has something special in it. Speaking of traditions, Greeks are truly passionate about Απόκριες - τα καρναβάλια, Τσικνοπέμπτη (a.k.a. Fat Thursday), Καθαρά Δευτέρα (the so called Clean Monday) and others that have something to do with Lent and Easter as a whole.
  1. The Holy Week
“Μεγάλη εβδομάδα” is the last week of Lent and the one immediately preceding Easter. Maybe that’s why the faithful tend to visit the church and listen to liturgies so often during those 7 days. In fact, that’s how most of them were raised as kids, because even today there’s a subject “Religion” in Greek schools. What’s more, most people are so enthusiastic about the holiday that you can hardly find a place at the church.
  1. Good Friday
On Good Friday, or “Μεγάλη Παρασκευή” the locals follow the tradition by going around the church or even the whole neighborhood. That’s a ritual called “Επιτάφιος(shroud), for which people start to prepare from around noon. They make the famous shroud and place it on a portable canopy. Usually young girls decorate it with wreaths and garlands made by fresh spring flowers. So, that’s how this tradition turns Good Friday into a colorful and beautiful holiday.
  1. Great Saturday
“Μεγάλο Σάββατο” is the big fun! It’s that time of the week when people gather together and do what? Dye the Easter eggs, of course! In case you’re still wondering how to decorate your eggs, check our some of our ideas on this post. easter egg fight
  1. Easter
On the very day of Easter men tend to wake up early in the morning and get down to work as they prepare the traditional lamb. As you can guess, Lent is over and people can enjoy some lamb meat. Of course, family cooking doesn’t go without some Ouzo, Raki and various cold cuts. What a wonderful Sunday, huh! Which day of the Holy week do you enjoy the most and why? Share with us in the comment section!


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