5 Health Benefits of Red Wine you (probably) Didn’t Expect

Do you remember that the popular Mediterranean diet suggests one glass of red wine per day? Indeed it does and that’s for a reason! In our article about the various face masks you could make using red wine, we also mentioned that it has lots of health benefits. Now is the time to get through these, don’t you agree? Who said one should drink red wine only during the winter season? Nowadays this godlike beverage is appropriate at…literally anytime. Let’s see why:
  1. Protects your smile
“How is that?” you may be wondering. You’ve probably heard that wine, especially red one, can stain your teeth, right? Well, that’s a myth. Scientists say that daily consumption of 1 glass red wine can even prevent from caries formation. Now you’ve got a reason to smile more often!
  1. Keeps your waist small
Are you aware of the fact that red wine contains piceatannol? That’s a phenolic compound, which might block the growth of fat cells. Basically, what the substance does is to stop fat tissue formation. And what are the results? Lower chances of gaining weight. Hurray!
  1. Helps digestion
You know that having a drink while eating is not the best idea, don’t you? OK, here’s a thing – don’t hesitate to use a glass of red wine during your meal. Why? The polyphenols in the drink might reduce the unhealthy effect of specific chemicals in some foods before they spread through your whole body. That’s how red wine can improve your digestion. red wine health benefits
  1. Makes life longer
Resveratrol, a main compound in red wine, is definitely something we should be thankful for. Scientific data shows that it fights against aging and it may extend life expectancy with up to 60%. What’s more, this chemical is said to activate the so called ‘longevity gene’ (SIRT1). Now that’s some good news!
  1. Prevents from cancer
Not only can resveratrol keep us young, but it might also prevent cancer cells from spreading throughout the body. Researches prove that this compound is able to stop tumor formation. However, if one already has this problem, red wine may also improve the chemotherapy effects. All in all, scientists hope that this knowledge might help them in future anti-cancer projects. Do you think you could add something to this topic? We are sure there’s a lot more to say about red wine, so go ahead and drop it in the comments! After that, browse our blog for more: 3 Uncommon Questions about Beer that you Wouldn’t hear Often 5 Health Benefits of Honey that are Worth Knowing! 10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


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