4 Amazing Beauty Masks that include…Chocolate!

You love it, crave for it, eat it with pleasure and for pleasure; you share it with friends and family or you selfishly hide in the closet to get the whole of it just for yourself. What is it? No suspense here – it’s chocolate, of course! Now we suggest you to be generous to your skin and take good care of it using this wonderful cocoa product. You know what they say: “Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself.” Here’s 4 beauty masks you could prepare fast and easy at your place:
  1. Face mask №1
This one is appropriate for normal skin – neither dry, nor oily. It’s also for those of you who don’t have serious acne issues. You’ll need: 1/3 cup melted dark chocolate 3tbsp cream ¼ cup honey 2tbsp brown sugar Mix all products and give yourself a good facial massage as you apply the mixture. Make sure to wash and dry your face before this procedure. Stay with the mask for about 10-15 min and then rinse with lukewarm water. chocolate face mask
  1. Face mask №2
Products: 5 bars of dark chocolate 1 cup milk 1tbsp salt Heat the milk over the hob for a while, then move aside and dissolve the salt in the milk. In a bowl melt the chocolate using a water bath or do it in the microwave. Let it cool a bit and mix with the other products. Then apply on the face and stay with this mask for 20-30 min. Wash your face and enjoy the results!
  1. Hair mask №1
Products: 3 bars of dark chocolate ½ cup yoghurt 1 ½ tbsp honey Melt the chocolate over a hot water-bath. Add yoghurt and honey and stir. Remove from the hob and let the mixture cool. Apply on the scalp and wrap a towel round your head for about an hour. Then remove the mask and wash your hair with shampoo. chocolate hair mask
  1. Hair mask №2
Products: 1 banana Dark chocolate 1tbsp honey Mix all ingredients and apply. Stay for 15 min and wash your hair with tepid water and shampoo (optional). And now - smile and make yourself a chocolate dessert with what’s left! Don’t forget to browse our ‘choco’ products on the e-store as you click here! Plus, read more on our blog: 5 Ways in Which Lemon Juice can Improve your Health 4 Foods Greeks Can’t Do Without


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