Sage: 9 Effects and Uses that you (probably) didn’t Know

What is sage, by the way? Is it a wise man, a philosopher or a flavorful plant? In fact, it’s all, but, of course, we’re focusing on the latter today. So, sage, also known as salvia and garden sage, is an evergreen plant that’s actually a member of the mint family. What’s more, sage is also a herb because it’s said to have lots of health benefits. Hurray! Here’s 9 interesting effects & uses of salvia:
  1. If you’re familiar with the herb, then you probably know that the leaves are what people use the most. However, in order to make essential oils professionals harvest its blooming sprigs as well.
  2. Did you know that back in time sage was used to treat cough, laryngitis and stomatitis? That’s why today it’s a major ingredient in lots of medications.
  3. What’s more, researches show that the herb has also anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Are you ready to check this yourself?
  4. If you like drinking tea, then you should definitely try sage tea! It’s not only super tasty but it’s said to be great for gallbladder, kidney and liver diseases. sage tea
  5. What salvia might also help you with is tachycardia (very fast heart rate) and dizziness. We all know how terrible these conditions could make us feel, right?!
  6. Here’s something for the ladies – before the lotions and creams for nursing mothers became so modern, women used to treat their sore nipples with sage compresses. Why? They claimed the herb was capable of soothing the pain from breastfeeding.
  7. Are you aware of the fact that nowadays salvia is a popular source in the perfume, cosmetic, fishing and wine industry? Maybe it’s because of its amazing aroma, which is breathtaking and not very intrusive in the same time.
  8. As you could probably guess, the plant is also a common thing among the chefs in the kitchen. People mostly use it for different sauces for dishes like spaghetti, rice, eggs, etc.
  9. Here’s another culinary use you wouldn’t expect! Most chefs add salvia to their meals in order to make the strong herbs’ flavors less intense.
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