4 Must-Try Easy Summer Recipes with Beer

Summer and beer are totally hand in glove with one another. There’s no doubt these two just go together! Of course, you can always have a mug of beer to accompany your summer meal, but isn’t that too predictable?! How about implementing it into the cooking process, for example? In fact, cooking with beer is becoming more and more common and people actually like the results. The all-time favorite drink tends to give the food the note it needs in order to be perfect. However, using beer when you’re in the kitchen requires a bit of knowledge. Check out this article to learn more about how to become a true master when it comes to cooking with beer! Otherwise, here are today’s must-try easy summer recipes:
  1. Steamed mussels
Products: 1kg mussels, with shells 500ml beer Salt 50g butter mussels with beer Firstly, make sure the mussels are well closed. Then dip them into cold water, clean them up and place on the hob. Add beer, salt and butter and cook for about 4-5 minutes. When you notice they start to open up, you’ll know they are ready. Serve with a nice summer salad and enjoy.
  1. Beer bread
Products: 42g yeast water 1kg flour 400ml beer 1/2tbsp salt 1tsp brown sugar beer bread Use warm water to dissolve the yeast and sugar. Sift the flour and create a “well” in the middle. Sip the salt and then, gradually start adding the yeast water. Knead until you form a nice, super soft dough. In order for the beer not to make foam, pour it slowly at a slight angle. Cover with a towel and let the dough rise for about 30 minutes. After this time, knead anew and leave for another half an hour. When it doubles its size, knead once again. Divide into equal balls and shape them. Grease a large baking dish and place the small dough balls inside. Put olive oil on top and sprinkle some seeds. Bake at 180C° for 45 mins.
  1. Cheesy chicken bites
Products: 100ml beer 4x chicken fillet 2x eggs 4tbsp flour 4tbsp bread-crumbs 120g cheese Salt, black pepper 5-6tbsp EVOO 200g sesame seeds chicken bites Cut the fillets crosswise and season with salt and pepper. Inside each fillet’s transection put about 30g of cheese and push. Whisk the eggs with beer. In another bowl combine the bread-crumbs, flour and sesame. Dip the bites into the egg mixture, then roll into the flour one and then again in egg. Fry in hot oil until golden.
  1. Chicken and pineapple pancakes
Products: Milk, beer, salt and flour (measured by eye) 1-2x tomatoes 2x red pepper 2 slices of pineapple 400g chicken bon-fillet 3x eggs 1-2x cucumbers Soy sauce Mayonnaise chicken pancakes Make a pancake mixture out of eggs, milk, beer, flour and salt. Grease a cooking pan and fry on both sides. For the filling, slice the chicken and fry. Add peppers and then cubed pineapple with soy sauce. To finish the meal, put some mayo on top of every pancake. Place cubed tomatoes and cucumbers, then some of the cooked filling. Roll the pancakes and serve. 3 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Aubergines 2 Easy Dinner Ideas you’ll Fall in Love With! 5 Tips on How to Improve your Baking Skills


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