Greece’s Food Map: 5 Islands where Food and Joy Come Together

Henry Miller says that “It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.” Scattered across Aegean and Ionian seas, around West Turkey’s shores, Greek islands are truly a wonderworld! They combine cultures and civilizations that come together and make those places unforgettable. And yet, what would a Greek island be without some local food to attract with?! You may or may not have heard about it, but this country is famous for its amazing cuisine and exceptional drinks. Of course, let’s not forget about people’s hospitality as well! So, let’s see 5 islands where food and joy come together to turn your stay into the ultimate experience:
  1. Corfu
Being one of the most popular Ionian islands, Corfu has a lot to offer. In case you happen to visit this place, you must definitely try their traditional moussaka. Local chefs make it so good you can hardly stand up and go to the beach after that. What about the veal they stick on spits? It’s something like souvlaki, which we talked about in this article. In any case, you must try it! Corfu local food
  1. Santorini
We just can’t afford to miss this natural gem, for sure! The island of Santorini is on the other side of Aegean sea, where food brings the final note of ‘amazingness’. People there most often snack on crunchy biscuits, covered with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and oregano. Sounds like a deal, huh! By the way, on Easter locals usually make the so called Melitinia /or μελιτίνια/. These are said to be Santorini’s heavenly sweet cheese pastries. Basically, they consist of tartallete with goat cheese, ricotta and cinnamon. Yummy! Santorini's food
  1. Crete
Some would say that this island’s food culture is a mixture between eastern and western culinary traditions. That’s because there are so many kinds of goods, cooking techniques and stuff! Take a single product and Cretan chefs will turn it into thousand different meals. In fact, the cuisine here is more or like the Mediterranean diet. Some of the most important things on the table are extra virgin olive oil, veggies and legumes. Read this post to learn how the Med diet became a TOP one in 2019! Cretan diet
  1. Chios & Lesvos
Those islands are located to the southeast part of Aegean sea and they truly have something in common both historically and geographically. Of course, let’s not forget about the all-time favorite drink – ouzo. The anise beverage is produced in Chios as well as in Lesvos, but you must be aware of the fact it’s popular all across Greece! Hey, click here for more info about ouzo’s extravagant history. When it comes to food, though, Lesvos has its name for their fish delicacies and olive trees (of course!). On the other hand, Chios’ soil is quite rich and that’s why there are lots of legumes, fruits and vegetables down there. Chios' and Lesvos' food Follow our blog section for more interesting stories about Greece & its most beloved foods! Summer Vibes: 4 Foods to Get you Ready for the Hot Days 4 Types of Ouzo you Should Definitely Try 10 Curious Pizza Facts you (probably) Didn’t know


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