4 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day with Yoghurt

A cup of yoghurt a day keeps the doctor away. Oops, was it yoghurt or it was apples? Well, it turns out it doesn’t really matter, actually. Just as apples are able to keep you away from the doctor, yoghurt can also be quite as good as those fruits. Let’s start with some interesting information, shall we? A group of university scientists led an experiment with women to see how yoghurt would affect their health. Every morning half of them had to eat a bowl of yoghurt before they turn to ‘the real breakfast’ – hotdog or some other heavy foods. The other group didn’t get their bowl of yoghurt at all. So, it turns out that those who ate the dairy first, experienced two times less stomachaches, heart-burns or similar. Well, you make your own conclusions! To make things even clearer, here’s 4 reasons why you should start your day with some yoghurt:
  1. Protects the teeth
Not only pregnant women can have issues with their gum and teeth! Of course, things like too much sugary foods and drinks as well as sour products can do harm as well. Luckily, if you happen to eat yoghurt on a daily basis, you might significantly reduce those risks. According to specialists, yoghurt cultures can act positively on our oral health. yoghurt for teeth
  1. Reduces allergy symptoms
Whether seasonal or not, we all have allergy symptoms from time to time. However, there are people who really suffer from this and it’s not only periodically. Good news is that the probiotics that are present in yoghurt may be able to help you cope with this problem. The healthy bacteria are known to improve digestion and reduce your body’s reactions towards pollens and other types of allergens.
  1. Keeps the flu away
Who’s foolish enough to say that they prefer to be sick? It’s only kids that want to avoid going to school who might say something like this. And they are not even thinking it for real! So, if you want to make sure you are safe from any viruses, you might do your best to maintain a healthy immune system. How? Of course, there are lots of things you can do, but one of them is having yoghurt for breakfast. This food might help the T cells (a.k.a. immune warriors) be more resistant. yoghurt and fitness
  1. Helps for muscle formation
Yoghurt is known to be a good protein source, which contains all essential amino acids. Those are extremely important for your muscles to grow and function well. So, this means that fitness maniacs can easily get a bowl of yoghurt in the morning, without any compunction! Want to know more about food and how it corresponds to our body? Be sure to follow our Blog: 3 Compelling Yoghurt Desserts you Can Try at Home Today 10 Unexpected Health Benefits from Cheese you might Wanna Know 4 More things Greeks Usually Have for Breakfast


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