4 Reasons Why Strawberries can Benefit your Health

Oh, spring! We love you, but why doesn’t ‘the strawberry season’ come faster!? Don’t worry, folks. It’s almost that time of the year! These all-time-favourite fruits usually appear in the end of May and the beginning of June, which is…well, quite soon. Those little red berries are actually said to prevent and fight against lots of diseases, which is great, right? That’s because they’re full of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and so many more. OK, without further ado, here’s why strawberries can be the perfect thing for your health:
  1. Act against bad cholesterol
Many of us struggle with high cholesterol levels, which can result in worsening our health condition and disbalancing our everyday life. Luckily, strawberries contain ellagic acid and flavonoids that are known to protect the heart and the cholesterol levels.
  1. Boost the immune system
Although winter is behind our back, most of us are still suffering from low immune system, regular colds and low mood. That’s why we need something to boost it right аway. We need an ‘engine’! Strawberries can definitely act as one as they are thought to have lots of vitamin C doses. strawberries' benefits
  1. Fight allergies
You probably know how desperate seasonal allergies can make you feel, huh! Well, good news is strawberries are rich in quercetin – an element that might have anti-inflammatory properties. For this very reason eating those fruits daily can soothe allergy symptoms like hay fever, eye redness, itchiness and others.
  1. Control the blood pressure
Do you remember what we said in our previous blog post? It was that the tasty berries might prevent from heart issues, right? Well, of course this has to do with the blood pressure and that’s another plus we’ve got here. Strawberries are known to be a great source of potassium, which may be very helpful. In a single cup of strawberries there are around 250mg of potassium. How cool is that! Hey, while we’re waiting for the berry bushes to show their colors, check ouт our Strawberry wafers and other tasty products as you click here! Nutmeg – How does It help & When to Avoid it? Eucalyptus – 4 Things that Make it a ‘Must’ at Home Easter Eggs on the Table: 4 Creative To-Do Ideas


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