7 Beliefs that Turn Lent into a Spiritual Act

“Lent is about becoming, doing and changing whatever it is that is blocking the fullness of life in us right now.” Although this year’s Easter holidays are gonna be somehow different, traditions are traditions and they should be kept! So, as you know Easter fasting isn’t all about giving up on certain foods. On the contrary, it encourages people to purge their Body and Soul away from all the ‘toxins’. But how? Here are 7 beliefs that make lent a spiritual and sacred act:
  1. People choose to fast in order to fight their sins. One’s faith is seen by his temperance, not by the exhaustion of the body. That’s why before you start fasting, you should definitely know your limits.
  2. According to the Church, lent is an ascetic feat, which is why it needs a lot of preparation in advance. This means that, if you want to try keeping up the tradition, you should start fasting every Wednesday and Friday of the year.
  3. Before they begin with the lent, people often visit a priest. They say he is the one to bless their fast and lead them through this challenge.
  4. The Church has always thought of the consequences. For that very reason it allows pregnant women, sick people, children and travelers to not follow the tradition. It’s just that fasting isn’t for everyone! lent beliefs
  5. What about the stage when one can afford to eat meat? The faithful should know that they can do this only after the holiday liturgy, which ends the lent. Plus, this process has to be under good control and self-consciousness.
  6. The true Christians are actually the ones who avoid all kinds of vices and temptations. They often do their best to banish the evil and to learn how to forgive. That’s what they call true spiritual cleanse both to the body and the soul.
  7. During the Easter fasts people can eat fish only on the Annunciation (which was on 25th of March this year) and on Palm Sunday (12th of April).
Don’t forget that lent is all about the harmony between the Body, the Mind and the Soul! If the ‘body cleanse’ isn’t accompanied by spiritual one, then the fast turns into a regular diet. There’s definitely a lot to think about during the Easter fasting, isn’t there?! Browse our Food categories and choose your desired products as you click here!


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