4 Red Wine Beauty Tricks you Can Do at Home Today (+Bonus: Hair Recipes)

You struggle with having dry hair with no liveliness at all? There’s a solution, girls, and it’s most likely hiding somewhere in your kitchen! Not only does red wine have amazing gustatory properties, but it turns out the drink is also good for your hair. Although many people tend to underestimate red wine’s benefits when it comes to cosmetics, it sure does have a lot to give. Do you remember which elements in wine are thought to soothe the skin and fight against free radicals? Check out this article on how red wine helps your skin and find out yourself! Now, let’s see 4 red wine beauty tricks you can try at home, shall we?
  1. Before you apply your mask, make sure to clean up your face. All the make-up, daily creams and others should go away! This way your homemade mask will do its job at maximum level.
  2. If you want to try using wine for your mask, we would suggest you use a bottle that you recently opened (last night, for example). If it’s already vapid, the polyphenols are probably long gone.
  3. How about taking a hot shower before you go for your daily beauty procedures? The water tends to open up the pores and thus lets all the amazing properties of the mask go directly into the skin.
  4. Finally, when it’s time for you to wash the mask away, use lukewarm water. In the very end wash your face with a handful of cold water in order to close the pores.
So, here’s a simple and yet very effective hair mask you can make with just two basic ingredients! You’ll need: 1 glass of red wine ½ cup yoghurt Mix those and stir well. Apply on your hair as you start from the scalp and finish at the ends. Let it stay for 1 hour and then rinse. Easy-peasy! We told you! red wine hair mask Are you eager for more hair masks that include wine?
  • Hair mask with red wine and burdock oil
Mix 1tbsp burdock oil with 2tbsp red wine and 1 yolk. Apply on clean hair and stay like this for 40 minutes.
  • Hair mask with red wine and carrot juice
Use 2tbsp carrot juice, 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 50g red wine and 1 yolk. Put on your hair for about half an hour or so. Then wash. If you enjoyed today’s post, you’ll most likely wanna read those as well: 4 Q&A about Grape Sugar you Might be Interested to Know Honey: 5 Alternative Ideas for Home Remedies you Should Try TOP 6 Veggies for Stronger Hair and Glowing Skin


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