4 Strange and Mysterious Facts about Water

Life begins and ends with water! This ‘source of life’ is so deeply involved into our DNA that we use it in a variety of ways. We make use of water to maintain our health, beauty or just to bring pleasure to the senses. After all, we would say that water is life itself! If you’re eager to learn more about water, sit comfortably and enjoy what’s next!
  1. There is a term popular as ‘supercooled water’. What it is?
What we know from school is that water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius and boils at 100C°. However, scientists say there exists the so-called supercooled water as well. Attention! This is a property that only extremely pure water can have. It means no impurities, no nothing. Such water keeps its liquid form even when its temperatures go below 0C°. In fact, in both cases there are temperatures at which the water boils or freezes. supercooled water
  1. Water is the basis of all life.
It’s actually how we began our topic today, so there’s nothing surprising here, right?! Well, it’s true that all living creatures, like us people, but also animals and plants are made of water. Here’s some additional info that might interest you! Animals are said to contain about 75% water, jelly-fish – up to 99%. On the other hand, potatoes’ water content starts at 76%, while for apples it’s 85%, for tomatoes – 90%, cucumbers – 95%, melons – 96%. Finally, human bodies are known to contain 86% water!
  1. Water can be your best friend during a diet.
Do you remember what’s the secret behind the thin waistline and water consumption? Read this article to find the answer! So, water is really an amazing thing to include in your menu not only while you’re on a diet, but in your everyday life! If you stop drinking other things except for water, this will automatically decrease the number of calories you take during the day. Firstly, it’s because you’ll stop consuming liquids that are full of sugar and who knows what else. And, secondly, drinking water wouldn’t make you eat more and more sweets, which tea or coffee usually tend to do! water diet
  1. The most expensive water bottle known costs $90 per liter.
Can you imagine what would make it so special? Well, it turns out there are water producers in LA, United States, who decorate the bottles with Swarovski crystals. Of course, they also strive for high quality, which guarantees balanced and delicate taste of the liquid. Obviously, it’s mostly the outer look they really stake on! In principle, water is free, but it can be quite expensive as well. By which water fact are you most deeply impressed? Hit the comment section and text us! Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends so we can all learn from each other! 3 Easy-to-Follow diets for the Perfect Summer body Artichoke – The Heart is what Matters Most 7 More Bubble Gum Facts You Would Love to Know


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