5 Useful Food Tips to Treat Lazy Bowel

“You can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system by simply changing your diet.” It’s as simple as that, actually! Thanks to the high stress levels, unhealthy lifestyle and fast foods, more and more people are complaining about having constipation or painful bowel movements. In case you don’t know, this is called the ‘lazy bowel syndrome’ (a.k.a. sluggish bowel or slow gut) and it affects lots of people today.

How to cope with such a problem, though?!

Here’s 5 food (and not only) tips you might find useful for treating lazy bowel:
  1. Try eating more natural laxatives.
First of all, it’s important to strive for digestive friendly foods. We’re talking mostly about yoghurt, apples, kefir (cultured dairy product), whole grains, chia seeds, beets, ginger and others. Of course, those that are good for your digestion means they can also act as laxatives. apples' laxative effects
  1. Drink enough water.
Why “enough” and not “more”? Well, how much water your body should take depends only on its individual needs. This means there are many factors (both internal and external) that define the amount of water you have to take for the day. Generally, most health specialists suggest that we should drink about 2 liters daily. Of course, you don’t have to be obsessed with the specific amount. Just remind yourself to drink a glass or two from time to time. By the way, read more about how important water can be in this article!
  1. Avoid some foods for some time.
When having constipation or other gut issues, it might be a good idea to divide your meals into a few small portions. Plus, nutritionists suggest to limit the consumption of meat and dairy for a while. Why is this necessary? Well, it’s probably because your body needs some time to understand which foods irritate the stomach and which are good for it.
  1. Make sure to relax more often.
We know you’re probably thinking: “Relax? How am I supposed to do it when I have hundreds of responsibilities every day?!” Well, guys, our everyday duties will never run away. There’s a proof that one of the main reasons why we suffer from lazy bowel is stress. So, if you want to start answering the call of nature more easily in the morning, maybe you should think about some relaxation. It doesn’t even have to be for super long! Just 20 minutes of meditation (or whatever you feel like relaxation) every day might have stunning effects on your body. Just organize yourself!
  1. Go for the herbs.
Herbs are truly nature’s gifts and that’s why we should take advantage of them. There are thousands of herbs, all of which have their specific effects when used in the everyday life. When it comes to slow gut, health gurus recommend flax seed, cassia and buckthorn. All these might have laxative effects! natural laxatives Burning Bay Leaves: 3 things that Will Happen If You Do it 7 Tips on When & How to Eat Sweets to Keep a thin Waistline 6 Herbs that Your Thyroid Gland Might Like


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