4 of The Most Refreshing ‘Summer Herbs’

The hot days of summer are sometimes draining all our energy and leaving us totally powerless! We bet you know the feeling when you come home from work and need to jump right under the shower just to get a bit cooler, right? Maybe you won’t need to do this anymore (or at least not immediately!), if you try some of the ‘summer herbs’. OK, drinking tea when it’s 35C° outside maybe doesn’t sound like the best idea for you, but let me prove you wrong. This article might convince you about how wonderful a hot cup of tea can be during summer! If you’re still not a fan of tea, though, you can always take the herbs in some other forms. You’ll see what I mean in case you keep on reading! Here’s 4 of the most refreshing summer herbs you should go for:
  1. Peppermint
This one is literally the summer front-runner! Is it because of its cooling effects or it’s due to the refreshing, a bit tingly taste…The truth is, it doesn’t really matter! After all, let’s not forget about mojito and its connection to the long summer days at the beach. Because “sometimes all you need is a mojito”, right? Or, if you prefer a non-alcoholic version, you can just add a couple of peppermint leaves in your glass of water. mojito
  1. Basil
Although you probably didn’t expect to see this herb in today’s list, well, it has a special place! Actually, lots of bartenders put basil in the sweet, cooling cocktails. It’s also healthy as it’s said to eliminate toxins and stress. And (good news, gentlemen!) it may also increase your sexual power! basil cocktail
  1. Chokeberry
If you still haven’t tried chokeberry (aroniaberry) juice yet, you should compensate ASAP! It’s so tasty, refreshing and healthy at the same time that you’ll love it. Chokeberry itself will most likely get the blood moving and it might have detoxifying and antiseptic properties. What’s more, the fruits are known to be great for those of you who have issues with the thyroid gland. Hey, here you can find more information about the vital organ! Anyways, just keep in mind how wonderful chokeberry juice can be for the summer. chokeberry juice
  1. Chamomile
How about you try a cold chamomile tea? It’s also an amazing thing to help you cool down a bit. You can even do it yourself by brewing some chamomile tea and putting it in the fridge for a couple of hours. After that, you might add some lemon and honey for extra flavours. Not only is this cold tea healthy, but it can also give you the energy that heat drained from you. chamomile cold tea What do you like to drink during the hot summer days? Share with us in the comment section! Herbs’ Secret: 5 Tips about Herbs and Cooking 4 Anti-Stress Herbs you Can Find on the Market A list of 7 Foods and their Best Herb & Spice Pairings – Part 2


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