9 Tricks for Cooking with Puff Pastry

What’s the vision of a modern housewife? She’s definitely not associated with lots of flour on the apron because today everything is much easier. There are convenience foods, frozen veggies and even frozen dough. Speaking of dough, we can’t take a moment to enjoy puff pastry’s cool uses in the kitchen. It’s something we all have in the freezer (or at least we must!) as it’s super simple to cook and also very delicious. Before we start, let’s see what exactly puff pastry is. This is a type of dough, which is made of many layers with butter in between them. How it works? Well, when heated, the butter widens, creates steam between the layers and eventually they rise and make very spongy dough. Here’s our suggestion for 9 easy tricks you could follow next time you bake puff pastry:
  1. Before we begin with the ‘cooking part’, we have to say a word or two about unfreezing. When you take the dough out of the freezer, leave it aside for at least 45 to 60 minutes. You won’t make a mistake if you even bake it on the next day.
  2. In order for you to avoid sticky dough, make sure to put some flour on the surface where you place it. In case you’re going to roll it out, do the same with the rolling-pin. rolling puff pastry
  3. Always use a sharp knife to cut the puff pastry!
  4. Try not to put too much filling when you bake with this type of dough. What’s more, avoid using products that have too much water content, because they will most probably ruin the whole meal.
  5. Here’s some addition to the stuffing part. Please, don’t put hot food inside the unfrozen dough. The heat will make the puff pastry soft and you won’t have a crispy meal in the end.
  6. We all like it when there’s an appetizing golden-brown crunchy crust on top, right?! To achieve this effect you might wanna whisk 1 egg and then add 1tsp of water. Oil the puff pastry with this mixture just before you put it in the oven. cooking puff pastry
  7. If you want your puff pastry to rise a lot during the baking process, make holes in it with a fork before you start cooking it.
  8. Remember: always bake in a preheated oven! This way you’ll have a fluffy product that’s not overcooked or burnt.
  9. We suggest you bake the puff pastry as you place it on a baking paper sheet. That’s another way for you to avoid burning the whole thing plus you’ll save time from washing!
Did you like these tips and tricks? Share with us in the comment section! By the way, find lots of tasty stuff on our Food section as you choose your favorite category. Click here to shop!


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