4 Tasty Chickpea Recipes you Can Easily Cook Today

Are you struggling with some extra flabs you don’t like when you look in the mirror? In case you wanna lose weight without any troubles, it might be a good idea to turn to chickpeas. It’s said that 65-75% of its fibers are insoluble, which means they stay in the digestive tract. These substances can actually help you get thinner as they make you throw away the unnecessary more regularly (if you know what I mean!). OK, enough with science today! Here’s 4 super easy chickpea recipes that will make you crave for more:
  1. Chickpea stew

Products: 300g chickpeas 3-4x tomatoes 2x red paprika 2x green paprika 4x carrots Parsnip 1x zucchini 1x eggplant ½ lemon 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil Himalayan salt ½ tsp cardamom chickpea stew Soak the legumes in water for 12 hours or more. Boil until it’s soft and ready. Meanwhile, cut all the veggies into medium cubes or however you like them. By the way, here you can add any other preferable vegetables for even more intense taste. So, sprinkle some olive oil on top of the veggies, season with salt and add water. Bake in the oven at 180C°. Throw the boiling water from the chickpeas and mix with the baked vegetables. Be sure to leave 1/3 of them aside to put them in a blender. Season with lemon juice, Himalayan salt and cardamom. Blend until you get a homogenous mixture. That’s the sauce for our meal. Then serve as you pour some sauce on top of the chickpea stew. You can also finish with some parsley on the very top.
  1. Chickpeas with broccoli

Products: 250g chickpeas Broccoli 2tbsp coconut oil (or EVOO) red paprika carrot 1x onion 3x garlic cloves 3tbsp tomato paste Celery Salt Parsley chickpeas with broccoli Do the same soaking process for an overnight or so. Boil the chickpeas for about 1,5 hours. While it’s boiling, wash the broccoli and tear into small roses. Place on a baking parchment and cook for 10 minutes at 180C°. Additionally, fry the veggies with the fat, herbs and tomato paste over the hob. This should take about 7-8 minutes. Then add the chickpeas and stew for 15 minutes. In the end, mix everything with the soft broccoli roses and let it cook for 10 more minutes. Season with salt and parsley. Voila!
  1. Spinach salad with chickpeas

Products: Spinach Arugula 1x tomato Green onions ½ avocado ½ lemon EVOO Chickpeas Himalayan salt chickpea salad Boil the chickpeas, set aside and add a pinch of salt. Mix the greens with the sliced tomato, onions and avocado. To prepare the dressing squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with some EVOO and Himalayan salt. In the very end, mix the vegetables with the cooled chickpeas, put dressing on top and mix well. Easy-peasy!
  1. Chickpea pancakes

Products: 2x eggs 1x banana 100ml water 1x vanilla 1tbsp coconut oil 1 cup of oats 2-3tbsp chickpea flour chickpea pancakes Mix all products in a blender until you form a homogenous, pancake mixture. Bake over a nonstick Teflon pan. Nothing so special to do. Just enjoy! Not only are these recipes extremely tasty, but they are also full of healthy substances! Plus, you can cook or prepare them in no time, so it’s a great idea to start with any of these when you have tons of other stuff to do! Tell us what you think in the comment section and let’s discuss! Greek Yoghurt – 2 simple Recipes you Can Easily do at Home 3 ‘Must-Do’ Recipes with Sun-Dried Tomatoes 2 Easy Dinner Ideas you’ll Fall in Love With!


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