Stay Healthy with Thyme: 6 Amazing Benefits of the Herb

Some would say that “thyme is like Oprah. It gets along with everybody.” Well, that’s truly one of the most popular herbs not only in the Mediterranean countries, but also across the globe. What’s more, it seems like it goes pretty well with almost any kind of meal. Let’s see what benefits can thyme also bring, shall we?
  1. Reduces blood pressure
According to some researches, the herb is capable of slowing down the heart rate and thus it can reduce the blood pressure. There’s a bonus here, of course! It’s said that thyme might even decrease the “bad” cholesterol levels. This means it automatically goes in the ‘heart friendly’ list.
  1. Makes you happy
Yes, it turns out happiness isn’t that unachievable! There’s proof that thyme oil can have therapeutic properties. Carvacrol, the active compound, is thought to stimulate the neuron activity. So, because of the increase of endorphins you’re more likely to feel happy and relieved. thyme oil
  1. Treats acne
Just like many other herbs and spices, thyme might be a good friend against acne issues. That’s probably because it’s rich in antibacterial substances, which tend to treat acne quite well. In case you’re having such problems, you can make yourself thyme face decoction and let it dry over the skin.
  1. Soothes cough
It’s “thyme” to forget about the irritating cough! You can leave all the cough syrups and pills aside and rely on the magical herb. Drinking thyme tea regularly can actually help you a lot. It’s mostly beneficial for acute bronchitis, respiratory infections and angina.
  1. Protects the stomach
Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thyme can also be a great source to protect your stomach. The herb might help you deal with ulcer, colitis, gastritis, mulligrubs, diarrhea and others.
  1. Maintains the immune system
Believe it or not, thyme is actually very rich in vitamins that are super vital for the immune system. We’re talking mostly about vitamins A and C here, which tend to have a direct relationship to our immunity. When we add manganese, fibers, copper, zinc and iron, things go serious! It turns out the herb is truly a health booster! thyme benefits Hey, if you want to learn how to combine food with spices and which products go well with thyme, check out this article! And don’t forget to keep up with all the other interesting topics on our Blog: 4 Reasons Why Strawberries can Benefit your Health 5 High-Carb Foods that Can be Good for Your Health 4 Ways Honey & Cinnamon might Help you Stay Healthy


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