4 things about Gluten that are Already a Myth

“I’m gluten free, but that still allows me some chocolate!” Don’t worry, chocolate is not the only thing you could afford from time to time. Despite the fact that gluten free diets are extremely popular today, you don’t have to be strict as hell. Let’s be honest, do you think that gluten is really as scary as they say?! We’re about to find out as we break some of the most famous gluten myths. Keep reading!
  1. “If you stop gluten, you’ll lose weight.”
That’s a typical saying about avoiding this protein. Here’s the real thing, though: the gluten itself isn’t responsible for gaining weight. What actually matters is what kind of paste products you eat, how often do you feel tempted and (last, but not least) how active you are.
  1. “People can’t absorb gluten.”
No! Gluten is a protein, which everybody can absorb. Of course, there’s some truth in this saying, because the human organism can't fully assimilate it, but this doesn’t mean that our stomach isn’t capable of processing it. In fact, lots of other foods have the same characteristics and there’s nothing strange or abnormal about it.
  1. “Gluten free diet can help everyone.”
There’s a common belief that each person would benefit from excluding gluten from their menu. However, there’s a tiny little detail that’s missing here! If you don’t have gluten intolerance, a diet that’s free from this protein wouldn’t necessarily be the best thing for you. As a matter of fact, replacing semi-manufactured goods which contain gluten for ones that are ‘gluten free’ will probably bring you pretty much zero benefits.
  1. “Gluten causes cancer formation.”
Do the people who claim this have a specific proof about it?! No, they don’t. There’s no scientific data that shows (and proves!) that gluten can cause cancer. The only exception in this case would be for people who suffer from celiac disease (a.k.a. coeliakia/gluten enteropathy), which is actually an autoimmune disorder that’s caused by a reaction to gluten. Good news is lots of foods that contain gluten like whole wheat bread, for example, are rich in vitamins and minerals that protect your cells from cancer development. coeliakia symptoms What is your opinion about gluten and gluten free diets? Your point of view is important to us so tell us in the comment section down below! Plus, read more of our health articles on the blog: 6 Reasons Why Cherries are Good for Your Health 4 Best Alternatives to White Sugar that are Cool & Tasty!


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