5 Psychophysiological Benefits of Valerian

Mint, hawthorn and valerian – who doesn’t know this combination?! The herbal mixture is popular as ‘the anti-stress’ source. It’s mostly appropriate for cases of irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders, mental (or physical) fatigue, neurosis and various psychosomatic symptoms. Of course, all three make the perfect medicine, but even separately these herbs are simply amazing! Did you know that the name “valerian” comes from the latin valere, which means “to be healthy”, “to be strong”? Let’s see what actually makes it so special:
  1. People say that valerian acts in synchronization with the human brain. Isn’t this amazing? Because of that valerian might be helpful for the so called Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). All in all, it can reduce the risk of hyperactivity and improve concentration.
  2. Have you ever experienced vertigo? It’s the feeling you get when you think that everything around you is spinning like hell. People say it’s a symptom rather than a condition itself. Luckily, valerian is great for anxiety and insomnia, which can be the main causes of vertigo. vertigo
  3. In case you’re predisposed to nervousness or you just happen to have a super busy and stressful lifestyle, then you probably know there’s no actual pill that can fix this problem. If you’re feeling as if there’s nothing that can help, valerian might be the solution here.
  4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental problem that’s very common nowadays. You can recognize a person with OCD if you notice that he/she constantly performs certain routines or has certain thoughts repeatedly. Although this doesn’t sound like the most serious thing, it can definitely affect one’s life in a negative way. Good news is that a research from 2011 proves valerian might have positive effects on OCD patients’ treatment, which is great, right?
  5. As we already said, valerian can control our sleep, which automatically turns it into a fantastic source against stress. We all know how bad chronic stress is and we must think of ways to avoid it. What the herb does is to ease both the mind and the body and make you feel full of energy.
However, no matter what you need valerian for, don’t forget to speak with your doctor before you decide to use it as an alternative medicine. Read more on our blog section where you’ll find articles like these: 5 Ways in Which Lemon Juice can Improve your Health Top 3 Herbs for a Good Night’s Sleep Nutmeg – How does It help & When to Avoid it?


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