4 Traditional Greek Goodies you Must Try

From delicate sweets to all kinds of tasty pies and honey bonbons, Greek desserts are definitely in the ‘sweet sin’ list. If you’re following our blog, you must already know that most Greek sweets are made of nuts, honey, cream and fruits. Today’s exceptional desserts are about to tempt even the worst enemies of sweets! Let’s check them out, shall we?
  1. Bougatsa
greek bougatsa Never heard of Greek bougatsa? Well, you’ve definitely missed a lot, pals! Sweet (it can also be salty) bougatsa is a traditional Greek pastry you can find all around the country. Actually, it’s a typical street food and a very, very light breakfast. Usually it’s full of cream with rather sweet taste, but in some places like Thessaloniki they prefer it crunchy and not that sweet.
  1. Halva
You can find this super sweet Greek dessert in all kinds of variations – with semolina, sesame (or nuts), cocoa or with raisins and cinnamon. In fact, the two basic types of halva are super popular not only because of the amazing taste, but also for their health benefits. Yup, however strange it may seem, halva is made of tahini, which is actually quite good for the body. In case you don’t believe it, read this article and check out yourself!
  1. Kourampiedes
Known as one of the best things for Christmas, Greeks are so fond of these butter cookies that they won’t miss a chance to eat them! They are so full of joy with their tasty ingredients like butter, almonds and sugar on top…you just feel good with every single bite. By the way, do you remember how people use to call kourampiedes? Maybe this will help you recall. melomakarona and kourampiedes
  1. Melomakarona
Of course! Where there’s kourampiedes, there’s melomakarona as well! And when you get to see both sweets more and more often, it’s probably Christmas that’s coming ahead. These honey-dipped walnut cookies are another thing Greeks can be proud of. If you haven’t tried those yet, it’s high time you fixed this mistake! In case you enjoyed this post, make sure to try at least one of those sweets and always remember: “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!” 4 Dried Fruits you Can Find on the Market What is Stevia – 5 Interesting Things you Might not Know 3 of the Most Recognized Easter Symbols and their Meanings


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