4 Wrong Things People Do When Going Vegetarian

As we all know “eating well is a form of self-respect”. That’s why we don’t blame those of you who choose to stay (or go) vegetarian. It’s all a matter of choice and we are all free do make ours. So, the plant-based diet that includes dairy as well might be enough to supply your organism with all it needs. You just need to know what you’re doing and go for diversity. Here’s a list of 4 wrong actions people take when they quit meat:
  1. Inadequate choice of food
Lots of folks who are now starting to go vegetarian usually don’t know what to turn to. At first sight it seems like you only have to choose between veggies, fruits and…well, legumes. That’s why they prefer the easy way and grab at various semi-manufactured goods or refined foods, which contain stabilizers, preservatives and who knows what else. We would suggest you dig into your imagination and you’ll see how diverse vegetarians’ world can be!
  1. Fry the food
Of course, this doesn’t apply only for the veggies but for meat as well. Whatever you choose to fry, you should know there are better alternatives! What’s more, frying in refined fat is said to be quite unhealthy for people, because the high temperatures destroy food’s structure. How about you try cooking with less (or even ZERO) fat or even better – steam your products?
  1. Combine incompatible goods
There’s a lot on the internet about which food goes with what. To sum it up, you need to know that combining foods randomly isn’t the best thing you can do for yourself. For example, dairy products with carbohydrates like rice, potatoes or legumes goes in the ‘unhealthy’ chart. It’s just that some foods aren’t meant to be together in your mouth…and stomach. So, be careful with these!
incompatible foods Incompatible foods chart
  1. Risky eating habits
It’s quite often the case that vegetarians adopt some eating habits that might easily turn into their true enemies. What do we mean? Well, as vegetarians think of fruits and vegetables as something like a ‘holy food’, they consume these all the time. However, eating a fruit during or after the main course is most certainly going to ferment in your body and…well, you know what’s next. Also, drinking a lot while eating might dissolve the gastric acid and thus slow down digestion. After all, we would say that the appropriate vegetarian menu can definitely help you live longer, being full of energy and liveliness. To achieve this, though, you have to think before making a choice, OK?! Did you like today’s topic? If so, drop us some comments down below so we could know! Meanwhile, browse our variety of foods by different categories as you click here!


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