7 Tips on When & How to Eat Sweets to Keep a thin Waistline

The truth is “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate. And that’s kind of the same thing.” We bet you’re also a great fan of sweets, chocolates and all those amazing temptations. Because who isn’t, after all?! We’ve got good news for you today! Although many people say sweets are “number one enemy” of the thin waist, we don’t think so. It’s all about how and when you grab at this food. So, here’s 7 tips on when and how to treat yourself with a dessert and still enjoy a thin waistline:
  1. A common opinion is that after lunch might be the best time to get some sweets. Lots of nutritionists, personal trainers and scientists say that, if you have a dessert about an hour after lunch time, it would be easier for you to burn those calories during the day. Makes sense, right? Pay attention to the “one hour” here, because in case you eat it immediately after the meal, you will most likely end up bloated.
  2. How about eating a chocolate bar on an empty stomach? Lots of people actually rely on sweets when they feel hungry. However, we wouldn’t suggest that! It’s also professionals who claim that this will make your body absorb the sugars faster and thus lead to higher blood sugar levels. So, think about it next time you reach out for something sweet with the morning coffee.
  3. In case you eat your dessert at any other time during the day, you can still compensate. Dieticians say you could do some quick exercises like taking a walk for up to 10 minutes. What’s more, drinking water before and after a dessert might also be a good idea.
  4. As we mentioned exercises, we can’t help but encourage you to work out even more when eating sweets! If you’re a huge fan and can’t make any compromises, then go to the gym and burn those extra calories. You know how the rule goes – the more, the better!
  5. Quality, not quantity! That’s another thing you should beware of. You can even turn this into something like a mantra when it comes to desserts. It’s always a better idea to have a block of high-quality dark chocolate instead of a waffle, for example. By the way, check out chocolate’s amazing properties in this article.
  6. Even if it sounds weird to you, eating sweets with a good company might be better for you. Why? Well, instead of loading yourself with sugar at home, in front of the desk or wherever, why don’t you go out with friends and then treat yourself? Experiment a bit and see the results yourself!
  7. Last, but not least, always search for the balance! If you don’t wanna gain weight but still enjoy your favorite dessert, then we suggest you choose a ‘lighter’ A fresh salad or some yoghurt can be great choices, don’t you think?
sweets' alternatives Well, it’s obvious we’re not giving up on sweets, right? We should rather ask ourselves “Is the time OK to afford this chocolate?”, “How will I feel after I eat this?”. We hope today’s article could help you answer some of those questions! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with all our news about Foods & Drinks! 6 Health Benefits of Vanilla You wouldn’t Expect 4 Ideas on How to eat Peanut Butter & Enjoy it 4 Amazing Beauty Masks that include…Chocolate!


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