5 Greek Foods you definitely Need to Try!

Planning on visiting exotic Greece and exploring the ancient traditions, food and culture? Even if you don’t have time for a trip now, you can always try Greek food because (trust me!) – it is worth it! Here’s 5 foods from Greece that you need to try:
  1. Greek Roe Salad
Have you ever heard of Taramasalata? Greeks adore it! It’s made from fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, potatoes and sometimes almonds. Of course, you may find it with other ingredients as well. It all depends on who’s the cook. taramasalata
  1. Dolmades
I know it (probably) sounds unfamiliar to you, so let’s get to the bottom of things. Greek dolmades are traditional grape/vine leaves that are stuffed with rice, herbs and/or meat. So delicious! greek dolmades
  1. Moussaka
There are all kinds of moussaka across the Balkans. Specific for the Greek version, though, are the layers. Stewed aubergine, minced meat, fried tomato, potatoes, garlic, onion and herbs like cinnamon are some of the most common components. The final touch of Bechamel sauce makes it the perfect meal! greek moussaka
  1. Greek Cheese
Greece is all about cheese! The locals put different types of cheese on the table every day. So, if you’re still not sure which one to try, start off with feta, graviera or halloumi. These make a great combination with any kind of food! Read more about Greek cheese here! greek cheese
  1. Baklava
What’s food without some calories? Believe me, the typical for Greece baklava is a pastry that’s gonna make you long for more! It’s made of dough layers with honey, chopped nuts and cinnamon. If you want to feel how real Greece tastes like, there's no chance you miss getting some baklava! Yummy! baklava dessert If you’re already craving for some Greek food, don’t hesitate to find it in our Food section! Like this article? Give us a like!


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