Chewing Gum for Concentration - 2 Scientific Facts that Prove it

It’s not a secret that many of us enjoy chewing gums, is it? If you think this ‘habit’ is totally useless, let the science prove you wrong.
  1. Proof 1
Did you know that British scientists discovered that gums can help stay focused for longer? A Cardiff university team conducted an experiment with volunteers who had to identify specific series of odd and even numbers they’ve heard. It turned out that those who were chewing gum had faster reactions and their results were more accurate. Kate Morgan, a team member, said “It’s known from previous researches that gum improves some cognitions. In this experiment we focused on the hearing task, which involves the short-term memory, in order to see whether gum improves concentration.” chewing gum concentration
  1. Proof 2
After all this, why is chewing gum prohibited during classes? Without joking, that’s how it should be! Another research shows that gums benefit our mind, if they’re being chewed before an exam, for example. In case this is done during the exam, it might have an opposite effect as it distracts the student from the main task. So, it’s proven that gums are not only a great way to refresh our breath! They also promote good concentration as chewing gum is said to provide the brain with more oxygen. Next time you have an important event coming, make sure to grab a gum half an hour before that and show them what you got! Check out our sugar free gums with different flavors and make your choice here!


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