5 Herbs that will Make the Fish taste Amazing!

At first sight cooking fish seems like a piece of cake, right? You put it in the oven, bake and voila! No, no, no! It’s not that simple, guys. Just like any other type of food, fish has its specifics. Maybe most of you already know that a fish usually doesn’t go well with loads of veggies as garnish. We’re not saying they don’t match, it’s just that “too much isn’t good for anyone”. So, how to turn your seafood meal into a dream one?! The best (and easiest!) way to do it is to use the right herbs. Check out these 5 herbs that will most likely turn your fish into an amazing dish:
  1. Basil
It turns out traditional things like salt, black pepper and parsley are not the only ones to help here. Basil, for example, is said to be another great addition to whitefish. We would suggest you use fresh basil to get the most out of the flavors, but you can take dried as well. How about making a basil paste?! All you’ll need is: 2tsp basil, 1tbsp mayo, 1tbsp mustard, 1tbsp butter. Mix well and marinate the fish before cooking. By the way, you may also try using basil when frying fish. fish with basil paste
  1. Clove
Did you know that clove might help with cough and cold symptoms just by chewing it? What it can also do is act as a natural mouth freshener, which many people try to achieve today. Sadly, not everybody loves clove because of its intense aroma and taste. When it’s part of a fish soup, though, there’s hardly anyone who could resists it! fish soup
  1. Coriander
This Indian herb also goes in the ‘fish list’. The sweet, orange-like flavor that comes from coriander seeds tends to give such an exotic character to the fish. And to the vegetables, as well! Most people from Mid Asia, South Europe and even Arabian countries like to implement the herb when cooking fish.
  1. Oregano
How much do you know about oregano and its properties? If you’re struggling to think of anything, then this article might throw some more light. Anyways, oregano is definitely a ‘fish herb’! Lots of chefs even recommend it to prepare tuna or any other meal that involves that fish. tuna with oregano
  1. Tarragon
Dried tarragon will most probably make your friends and family ask for the recipe! Actually, this herb is quite often used to prepare white sauces like Bearnaise sauce. Plus, today more and more people are starting to use it in the kitchen because of its amazing health and gustatory properties. However, when you season fish or any other seafood with tarragon, we would suggest you use just a pinch of the herb. No one wants an explosive taste! If you’re still not so sure about which herb to choose for your fish, check out this fish seasoning we’ve selected and mixed just for you! 3 Appetizer Recipes with the All-Time-Favorite Mustard Which of these 3 FAQs about Wine Are you Curious about? Honey: 5 Alternative Ideas for Home Remedies you Should Try


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