6 Truths about White Wine that You Shouldn’t Miss

“Sweet or dry, a glass of white should always be tried.” That’s what a real white wine lover would usually say. In fact, white wine sorts have their true fans both among women and men. If you also put a glass or two of the “Drink of the Gods” on your table, then you should definitely keep on reading! Here’s 6 truths we learnt about white wine and its usage, which we want to share with you today:
  1. Temperature is important.
Indeed, it is. Do not ever serve a bottle of white wine at room temperature! Did we mention “ever”?! There’s a rule here and rules have to be followed, right? While red wine should be less chilly, white wine sorts need some cold. Experts say we shouldn’t put the bottle in the freezer, though, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. By doing this we can affect wine’s gustatory properties. There’s one other simple rule you could learn, too. “The drier the wine, the colder it should be served.” Hey, read this article for more tricks about wine! white wine temperatures
  1. Putting ice is wrong.
If you clicked on that link above, you probably read that you shouldn’t put ice in your glass of white wine. Okay, but why is that?! Well, this might change its taste, professionals claim. Actually, wine culture doesn’t tolerate putting ice in the glass. So, in case you want to be a part of this community, don’t go against its rules!
  1. It’s not made just from white grape sorts.
In case you think that white wine comes from white grapes only, you’re so wrong! That may be the common practice, but people also produce white wine from red grapes and even those used for rose. When they remove the skin, the coloring matters disappear.
  1. Lemon – no way!
A lemon slice is always a good idea when you need something bitter. However, when put in a glass of white wine, the lemon will most likely change both the taste and the flavor. So, even if you find it an interesting addition to your drink, it’s probably not gonna work so well!
  1. It goes well with lots of other foods than fish.
The usual combination is white wine and fish, we know that. Of course, you can also try it with a fresh salad, especially if there’s chicken and cheese inside. Just open up your imagination! white wine with salad
  1. White wine is great for autumn and winter as well.
Most people tend to drink it while it’s hot outside, right? OK, there’s no doubt that a glass of chilled wine will help you stand the heat. However, this doesn’t mean it’s only good for the summer. In fact, you should try it during the other seasons as well! Try our Greek sorts of wine by category and share your expert opinion with us! Shop from here!


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