Chocoholic – 10 Signs of Chocolate Addiction

“Chocolate is not an addiction. It is simply a real necessity.” Now, that’s what a true chocolate addict would say! After all, it’s something like ‘Elvis of sweets’ (meaning the King!) and for that very reason lots of people somehow become chocoholics. Of course, there’s hardly anyone who would deny that eating a big, flavorful, full of cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla chocolate bar is such a pleasure...We’re even starting to get nervous about our own level of addiction right now! Some of us are truly crazy about this cocoa temptation. But what are the signs of chocolate addiction? Keep reading to find out the answers!
  1. Ever had a day without thinking of getting at least a single bar of choco? Well, if ‘no’, then there’s probably something to worry about. Not being able to go a day without some sweet chocolate isn’t a good sign!
  2. All of us have our dramatic moments when we feel down and not really in the mood. Some cope with the problems as they do sports, read a book or whatever. However, if most of the time you solve your issues with chocolate, you’ll have to think about setting limits. chocolate addict
  3. In case you know more about the various chocolate types than about any other food, well… you’re a definitely a true fan!
  4. Speaking of different tastes, you’ve probably had at least 20 sorts of chocolate. Almond, strawberry, milk chocolate – you know them all.
  5. A common belief is that most chocoholics can’t even imagine there are people who wouldn’t like chocolate bars. It’s just not real!
  6. You think this cocoa product is able to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner? Think twice!
  7. Every time you try a piece of chocolate, it’s like you’re falling into Heaven. And, it’s like it’s your first time to try this particular one. Sounds familiar?
  8. You’re most likely a sworn chocoholic, if the annual family vacation includes going to the best Chocolate museums.
  9. Sometimes you think that you love chocolate more than you love yourself. Well, that’s weird, isn’t it?!
  10. In case you always say that something would be better with some chocolate on top, you might be some kind of choco maniac.
After doing this ‘self-exam’, you probably now know how addicted you are to chocolate products. Make wise decisions as you set your limits, but not quit on something you love so much! Wanna grab a chocolate bar or waffle? Browse our sweets by category as you click here!


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