5 Pieces of Advice for cooking Bacon (+ some curious Facts)

“Either you like bacon or you’re wrong!” In fact, not a few people prefer it over sex. Are you surprised? Well, you better not be because there’s a lot more to learn about this popular meat. First of all, what is bacon? We have to say it’s this appetizing temptation, which makes keeping fasts very, very hard. The tasty pork is something that often turns the healthy diet into a good, old excuse. And what to say about the flavors it gives out when cooked or fried?! Well, this smell is definitely gonna bring your neighbors in front of your door in no time! So, let’s get down to work and see what you need to know when cooking bacon:
  1. Most chefs say that the best way to cook bacon is in the oven. This way you can prepare enough meat in case the neighbors are already knocking.
  2. However, if you wanna cook your bacon on the hob, we would suggest that you use a frying pan with higher board so you can add water. This will make the meat crispy, plus it will prevent it from burning. cooking bacon
  3. If you’re late with the breakfast and want to make something quick and easy, you can also put some bacon in the microwave. Keep in mind, though, that it might get a little too crunchy.
  4. The dripping that comes from cooked bacon is very good for popcorns. That’s why you don’t need to throw it away. Just add it to your homemade popcorn and enjoy.
  5. Did you know that bacon is actually quite salty? For that very reason you don’t have to add much salt when you cook it.
Here comes the fun part! Wanna learn some curious facts about the tasty bacon? Keep reading.
  1. Back in 1920 a perfume with the scent of smoked pork meat was released. Of course, it was combined with other 11 essential oils. How cool is that!
  2. Did you know that bacon might help you get rid of hangover? It contains amino acids that might repair the damaged (from alcohol) neurotransmitters.
  3. It appears that ‘bacon fragrance’ isn’t only for perfumes. In some countries you can find toothpaste and dental floss with the same taste and smell. Nice, huh?!
  4. What about bacon and sex? Well, we already gave you the clue in the beginning. A 2008 research shows that 40% of people said that they can endure longer without having sex rather than eating bacon.
Are you one of those people? Share your feelings about bacon in the comments down below! Don’t forget to check our food section by categories and find 100% original Greek products as you click here! Greek Food: the History behind this Amazing Cuisine 3 Curious Questions about Sardines (+ Bonus: A simple Soup Recipe) 4 Reasons to Include Chicken in your Menu


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