5 Reasons why Rosé is Many People’s Favourite Drink

"The world looks better through rosé colored glasses." Oh, indeed it does! When you hear about the drink, you probably think of white beaches, sand, sun and lots of fun. Well, that’s because of rosé’s summery reputation! However, as it’s also many people’s favourite thing to drink, it’s more of a “yearly wine”… So, why do all of us love rosé that much, after all? Here’s 5 reasons we suppose might hide the answer:
  1. There’s a huge variety
Thanks to the unique technology of its production, rosé goes into both categories for white and red wine. Don’t know what’s the secret? Check this article out! Anyways, this fact makes rosé a type of wine that has so many interesting and different from each other sorts. From the typical dry Provence (with high acidity) to the sweetish Zinfandel. So, it turns out that rosé has plenty of nuances, which means there’s always at least one type for each mood! rose's colors
  1. Fits any meal
Good news is rosé is, let’s say, a neutral drink and it can go well with pretty much any food. Contrary to what most people think, this wine makes an ideal combination with potato puree or cream sauces. As a whole, rosé (especially those sorts with intense colours) is perfect for foods with high satiety index. We’re talking about eggs, oats, fish, meat, yoghurt, etc.
  1. It’s cheaper
It’s just that simple! Rosé is cheaper than most of the other wine sorts and that’s definitely not because it’s bad or anything. The reason for the lower price is that rosé production doesn’t require maturing. Of course, this automatically makes it much easier and…well, cheaper, to produce. In fact, if one lets the wine age, it will most likely lose all its refreshing properties as well as its specific taste.
  1. It goes for a start or an end
This type of drink can be ideal either before or after a meal. In other words, the perfect “summer” drink is the boss of the aperitifs. In general, wine experts suggest to start the menu with a high-acidic and chilled rosé. Some would agree that it’s definitely better than the designated white wine. rose
  1. It’s extraordinary
Last but not least, why sticking to normal when you can get the extraordinary? We have to admit it, rosé is much more fun as it breaks the standards. Let’s not forget that “rules are made to be broken” so everyone should drink what they really like! You want to enjoy some rosé at any time of the year? Sounds like a nice idea! Get your Rosé bag, full of flavours, by clicking here!


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