Allspice – Not Just a Simple Spice: 5 Health Benefits

Pimenta dioica. No, that’s not the name of some super strange, mega exotic animation hero. It’s rather the name of a tree. In fact, it’s pimento dioica’s unripe fruits that bear the amazing allspice…A herb that every self-respecting woman has to use in the kitchen! In general, allspice is an interesting combination between nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. By its outer look it resembles black pepper, though. So, this pepper-like spice that usually comes from Jamaica is actually quite popular around the globe. It’s because allspice tends to give a unique flavor to the food and this is why many people use it in mostly meat and fish recipes. Not only is allspice an extremely good addition to any meal, but it can also be very beneficial. Here are 5 health benefits you might get from using allspice on a regular basis:
  1. It’s good for digestion
One of the things that the spice is famous for is its ability to relieve stomach issues. It really has favorable effects on the gastrointestinal tract as it may help soothe colic and gas. Eugenol, the chemical compound found in allspice, may eliminate any digestive problems like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or constipation. What’s more, the spice can also reduce bloating and meteorism (excess gas), which makes it a “couple-friendly” herb!
  1. Detoxifies
Together with eugenol, other chemicals like tannins, quercetin and others make the numerous antioxidant effects of allspice even stronger. All these are known to ‘fight’ with the free radicals, which we’ve talked so much about. By eliminating those enemies, one lowers the risk of serious diseases like cancer, for example.
  1. Treats toothaches
An interesting fact is that allspice might be quite effective against toothaches. What is even better is that the herb is able to kill the bad bacteria in the mouth and thus make the breath fresher. In case you are wondering how to get the best of all those wonderful advantages, you might try to gargle. OK, we know it’s not going to be the best experience ever, but it’s definitely worth it! Gargling with allspice tea might solve all your oral problems. nutritional facts of allspice
  1. Stimulates circulation
With its high levels of copper and iron, allspice can be ideal for blood circulation. These chemical elements are basic when it comes to the red blood cells, which deal with ‘the inner flow’. Of course, better circulation means additional energy supply and normal oxygenation of the limbs. What’s more to ask for!?
  1. Promotes healthy heart
Potassium that is present in allspice may have some positive effects as well. To be more specific, this chemical is considered to be a vasodilator, which means that it releases a huge part of the cardiovascular system’s tension. This leads to increased blood flow through the relaxed vessels, which can definitely normalize the arteries’ and the heart’s functions. All these amazing things are a good reason to think that allspice can help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks or insults. Did you find today’s article useful? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments down below! In the meantime, don’t forget to check our Herbs, spices and sauces by category as you click here! 6 Herbs that Your Thyroid Gland Might Like Leek: Your Winter Friend - 5 reasons to Have it More often 5 Herbs that will Make the Fish taste Amazing!


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