4 Things that Warn you Are (Dangerously) Addicted to Chocolate

You want more and more. More comfort. More passion. More freedom. More calm. And some good mood. And in the end…you just want more of it! Does this sound like anything that can happen in your life? Well, believe it or not, all this is somehow related to chocolate cravings. How many times have you promised that you’re just gonna have a single bar? And then you ended up munching the whole chocolate! This is how choco addiction begins. How to understand that you are desperately in love with chocolate and you are even in the danger zone? Keep reading to find out!
  1. You want it when you’re not feeling OK.
Come on! Even if you’re not a huge fan of sweets, you must have experienced this at least one time. However, to some (meaning the majority of people!) the situation is pretty familiar. Emotional compensation and relieving stress with the help of sweets is a warning. We all have our moments of sadness, but in case you immediately start thinking about chocolate in such cases – something is wrong. Remember that desserts are not a way of getting through your emotions. It is just a way to escape for a little while.
  1. You eat more than you can chew.
Both literally and metaphorically! You know the expression “bite off more than you can chew”, right? It means that you take too much of what you can handle. So, this applies for chocolate, alcohol and all other addictions as well. When going too far with eating sweets is a routine for you, it means you have to change something. “Just a single piece of chocolate…” Is it going to be just one, really?
  1. You “reward” yourself with chocolate.
Work/school is over or you managed to do something really difficult that you are proud of. What do you do after all this? Treat yourself with a piece of chocolate cake, a cupcake or something like this? If so, this might be a signal that you are an 'extreme addict'. That’s because it means that sweets are much more than just ‘food’ for you. They are more or less a “reward”... For the hard work, you know! Therefore, you ‘set’ your brain to strive for more and more rewards, which can lead to only one thing… chocolate addition's signs
  1. You constantly say you are on a diet.
It’s about those moments when the planet might be falling apart, but you try to convince all your friends that you “are on a diet”. But when no one is around you, a package of chocolate biscuits or something else is definitely a part of your diet, right? Just like with alcohol, chocoholics start to be ashamed of their inability to stop eating sweets. If that’s your case and you try to hide your passion, it’s about time you stop. Share your problem, talk to your family and friends. Seek help! If you enjoy the topic, you might also be interested to read those articles: 4 Questions about Sausage that Explain Everything Dieticians say: Here’s when You should Eat Mayonnaise! 7 Interesting Facts about Onions you Would have Never Guessed!


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