5 Types of Flour and their Uses in the Kitchen

What do love and bread have in common? Well, “love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.” But what is bread without flour, after all?! So, let’s appreciate what Mother Nature gives us and talk about flour for a moment, shall we? Last time we discussed the differences between white and whole-wheat flour. In case you don’t remember, check it out here. All in all, those two types have their own specifics, but they both serve for the same reasons. To make bread, of course! To go a little bit further, here’s 5 types of flour and their uses in the kitchen:
  1. Bread flour
The flour of this kind is usually very rich in proteins and (well, let’s face it!) gluten. To produce it, people use durum and that’s the reason why it has a tight texture when worked up. Of course, it’s appropriate for other things like the so-called pretzels. However, we wouldn’t advise you to prepare cake layers with this type of flour. The next one is better for desserts.
  1. Cake flour
So, this one turns out to be extremely fine sifted flour that usually comes from various types of common wheat. Contrary to the bread flour, the one for cakes tends to be low on proteins. People use it for muffins, cakes, rolls, you name it!
  1. All-purpose flour
Oh, that’s classics! You must know it as this is one of the most famous types of wheat that we buy at the market. The name speaks for itself, right!? It can be great for all kinds of tasty stuff you’re intending to prepare in the kitchen. cake vs. all-purpose flour
  1. Rye flour
Rye goes in the ‘whole-grain’ category. Many people today use it instead of the classical one because of its amazing properties. It’s said to fight against diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. It also has much lower gluten content, but keep in mind it might taste a bit different than normal. rye flour
  1. Barley flour
This one also goes in the ‘strange taste’ chart as it has more of a malt twang. Basically, people most often use it to prepare cookies and other desserts with hard structure. Why? On the one hand, it’s probably because of the sweeter taste itself. On the other hand, the bran within the flour tend to give it its tighter consistence. Which type of flour is your most favorite? Share with us in the comments down below! Meanwhile, browse our food category as you click here!


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